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Coming To Your Senses

music reviewmusic reviewmusic reviewmusic review  out of 4 Music Review: Coming To Your Senses

Artist: Frank Gambale
Genre: Rock, Instrumental, Jazz
Release Date: February 2000

Review by Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
4 stars out of 4

I remember watching Frank Gambale play at a Chic Corea concert while attending the annual Concord Jazz Festival in 1985. I was amazed with his lightning quick fingers and his powerful sweeping guitar lines. Corea was always at his rocking fusion best when he played with great guitar players like DiMeola and Gambale.

Coming to Your Senses seems as though it is a self-imposed wake up call for the dynamo Gambale. With fluid and focused guitar playing, Frank blows his way through 10 tracks with seamless ease. Each track offers a different taste of fusion ‚lan drawing from an endless well of influences, styles and genres.

If it is variety your ears hunger for, this CD will be your cup of tea. While the ever-important production values are exceptional throughout this recording, Gambales playing is tight and clean as a whistle, never leaving a note hanging out there to get stale. He continually infuses new and fresh ideas into each track. Just as a heart pumps after a long rigorous run, its full bore at all times for this man.

Simply saidthis album offers instrumental guitar rock-fusion at its very best.

1. Up in Beachwood - 6:55
2. Circular Quay- 5:41
3. Major Fascination - 6:40
4. Salvador Once More - 9:57
5. Cybernaughts - 6:06
6. Mirage Mystery - 4:21
7. Isola d'Elba - 4:46
8. Land of the Leal- 8:14
9. The Italian Job- 5:29
10. Loch Ness Monsters - 5:16



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