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Chequered Past

  out of 4 Music Review: Chequered Past

Artist: Taxxi
Genre: Rock
Release Date: February 2001

Review by Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
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As soon as I heard "I'm Leaving," the eighties came rushing back to me in one fell swoop. I instantly recognized that AOR staple. I was however unaware of how much good music this group called Taxxi actually put out during that vast wasteland of excesses, BMW's, and yuppies that was the eighties. They were the only other non-jazz-blues group that was with Fantasy besides CCR. Taxxi never enjoyed the level of success that CCR attained; they did make three solid albums for Fantasy from 1980-1983 that stand up as genuine rock-pop by today's standards.

Now here it is 2001, and we have a collection of the best songs from those three albums remastered. For all of you that were out there dancing the night away in the eighties (like I was) that can remember Taxxi, this is a great reminder of those times. Their music has an excitement and energy that defines rock and roll. God, I wish I had that kind of energy again. Like everything else, with time it disappears. At least we have the music to keep it all alive for time without end.

The three lads from London; David Cumming (guitar, lead vocals), Colin Payne (keyboards, background vocals), and Jeffery Nead (drums) made their home in San Francisco and traveled across the bay to record in the Fantasy studios in Berkeley. Some of the songs really rock ("I'm Leaving" and "Players"), and others have the nightclub dance sound ("Not Me Girl" and "Sex and Suburban Suicide"). Whom ever they had playing bass at the time (various musicians), they allowed them to lead each song, as that instrument was predominant in just about every song, with the keyboards and guitar remaining secondary. Cumming's Hall & Oates meet Loverboy vocals were apt for the tension filled times of the eighties, and a suitable partner for the music that was the group's main focal point.

The sound is terrific and the song sequence is right on the money. This CD was great fun to listen. It's the perfect summertime CD to have playing when you're going out for a cruise and feeling the need to hoot and holler. Ah, the eighties… black leather pants, red spandex and Ronald Reagan, those were the days.

1. Cocktail Queen (Don't She Love To Rock & Roll)
2. I'm Leaving
3. Not Me Girl
4. Sex And Suburban Suicide
5. Maybe Someday
6. Players
7. Girl (New York City)
8. Whipping Boy
9. Walking On Air
10. Best In The West
11. Runaway
12. Cold Night
13. American Made
14. The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter
15. You're So Pretty



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