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Brutal Planet

music reviewmusic reviewmusic reviewmusic review  out of 4 Music Review: Brutal Planet

Artist: Alice Cooper
Genre: Rock/Pop
Release Date: June 2000

Review by DanH
4 stars out of 4

After 30 some odd years in the biz, one might think the well had run dry… but Alice Cooper continues to shock-and-rock with what very well could be his greatest album ever.

Bob Ezrin returns to take the helm as executive producer. Bob Marlette produces, adds his musical ability, and co-writes with Alice on every track. Heavy guitar riffs, (China adds his touch) and blistering drum work (Eric Singer is back with the Coop), lend themselves perfectly to Alice's raspy rant. Ryan Roxie continues once again to contribute his guitar grinding on the latest to the Cooper Collection.

No one is safe from Alice's poetic, post apocalyptic vision of our world. Once we are introduced to the "Brutal Planet" title track- the listener is told "Over there we filled the ovens…" while and angel sings contradictions from above (Natalie Delaney). Alice plays social commentary to an extreme, which only he could execute with such amazing lyrical confrontation. Kids blowing up schools, racism, starvation, war, murder, greed and gluttony. He even pulls off what should be another hit ballad, this time about spousal abuse with "Take It Like A Woman" (string arrangement worth mentioning by Eva King). Overall, this album weaves a scary web of melodic mastery in the listener's psyche, each track keeps you yearning for the next.

Old fans should find this album a fresh approach with an updated musical style from the man who helped shape music today. New listeners probably will have a hard time believing this guy is as old as their parents, and won't be able to rid their minds of his infectious riffs.

Put all other metal releases on the shelf this year. Alice Cooper should finally be up for his Grammy with "Brutal Planet."



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