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Anthology 1967-1971

music reviewmusic reviewmusic reviewmusic review  out of 4 Music Review: Anthology 1967-1971

Artist: Ten Years After
Genre: Rock, Blues
Release Date: April 2002

Review by Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
4 stars out of 4

Ten Years After and their music still hold up very well today along with many of the legendary blues-rock players. Alvin Lee was an energetic guitar player that was part of the British blues-rock phenomena that started sweeping the U.K. and hitting big here in the states in the late sixties. Now, after over thirty years it's defined as resurgence. TYA was there at Woodstock, which served as turning point for many artists, including Santana, Hendrix, The Who, and countless others. They deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as all of these groups. And yes, they are rock 'n' roll legends. This compilation is the like the prime rib of TYA collections. There is no doubt that enough care and thought went into the selection process for songs on this two disc set. There are 26 tracks of rockin' kick ass blues that tell the story. This is some fine blues and rock music, in fact it smolders. All the classic tracks are here..."Good Morning Little Schoolgirl," "50,000 Miles Beneath My Brain," and the all-time classic mega hit which served as an anthem for an era, "I'd Love To Change The World." After listening to "I'm Comin On" I suddenly realized how groups like Foghat got their motivation, Wow! What a steaming blues rocker that song is. These two CDs are just jammed packed with music like that. It will start fire in your soul that you won't forget.

As far as compilations go, for the most part they are predictable and often boring, not this one. The upstart Hip-O label does an excellent job with the packaging of this set. The liner notes and pictures are superlative. All the extras serve as a perfect companion to all of the great music that you will hear.

The longer I am on this earth listening to music the more I am reaching back to the past to hear when the great music was made. This is not to condemn the current generation of artists, there are many good ones, and I am simply pointing out that there was a cache of great rock and roll bands from the sixties and seventies that remains unrivaled. I guess I am getting older, more selective, and less tolerant of crap that is considered talent in this day and age. This is the real deal people. That's the best part about great music, it's timeless, magical, and it never dies. There ain't nothin' like the real thing baby.

Ten Years After - Producer
Chick Churchill - Keyboards
Alvin Lee - Guitar, Vocals, Producer
Ric Lee - Drums
Leo Lyons - Bass
Dave Thompson - Liner Notes

CD One

1. I Want to Know (MacLeod) - 2:09
2. I Can't Keep From Crying Sometimes (Kooper) - 5:22
3. Spoonful (Dixon) - 6:03
4. Help Me (Bass/Dixon/Williamson) - 9:50
5. Portable People (Lee) - 2:14
6. The Sounds (Lee) - 4:11
7. Rock Your Mama (Lee) - 2:59
8. Spider in My Web (Lee) - 7:12
9. I May Be Wrong, but I Won't Be Wrong... [live] (Churchill/Lee/Lee/Lyons) - 9:46
10. Going to Try (Lee) - 4:46
11. Woman Trouble (Lee) - 4:39
12. Hear Me Calling (Lee) - 5:44
13. Boogie On (Lee) - 14:25

CD Two

14. I Woke up This Morning (Lee) - 5:31
15. If You Should Love Me (Lee) - 5:21
16. Good Morning Little Schoolgirl (Williamson) - 7:06
17. I'm Going Home [live] (Lee) - 12:00
18. Me and My Baby (Lee) - 4:10
19. Love Like a Man (Lee) - 7:39
20. 50, 000 Miles Beneath My Brain (Lee) - 7:38
21. I'm Coming On (Lee) - 3:48
22. My Baby Left Me (Lee) - 5:22
23. One of These Days (Lee) - 5:51
24. Here They Come (Lee) - 4:32
25. I'd Love to Change the World (Lee) - 3:44
26. Let the Sky Fall (Lee) - 4:20



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