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Al Pacino Filmography
(only reviewed movies are listed)

Birth Name: Alfredo James Pacino
Date of Birth: April 25, 1940
Birth Place: New York, New York, USA

2003Gigli R
2003The Recruit PG-13
2002Simone 3 PG-13
2002Insomnia R
1999Any Given Sunday 2 R
1999The Insider R
1997The Devil's Advocate R
1997Donnie Brasco 3 R
1996City Hall 2 R
1995Heat R
1993Carlito's Way 2 R
1992Glengarry Glen Ross 3 R
1992Scent of a Woman 4 R
1975Dog Day Afternoon 3 R
1974The Godfather, Part II 4 R
1973Serpico 3 R
1972The Godfather 4 R
Al Pacino Movie Rating:  2.9 stars out of 4   (average over 17 movies)

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