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Personal Review Page for Walter Frith
Reviewer Id:  Walter Frith
Name:  Walter Frith
Reviewer since:  May 2000
Commission*:  $46.44
Commission Paid:  $26.75
Gender:  Male
* Commission includes sales thru June 30, 2003

Number of Reviews: 214

Video Reviews
Title Rating MPAA Released
2001: a Space Odyssey ---G1968
8mm ½R1999
Absolute Power 3R1997
Affliction R1998
Air Force One R1997
Alien Resurrection R1997
American Beauty 4R1999
American Psycho 3R2000
Amistad 4R1997
Anaconda 2PG-131997
Analyze This R1999
Annie Hall ---PG1977
Antz 3PG1998
Any Given Sunday 2R1999
Apt Pupil R1998
Arlington Road R1999
Armageddon 2PG-131998
As Good As It Gets PG-131997
At First Sight 3R1999
Atlantic City ---R1981
Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me PG-131999
Avengers, The ½PG1998
Batman & Robin 0PG-131997
Being John Malkovich R1999
Ben-Hur ---G1959
Bicentennial Man PG1999
Blade R1998
Blair Witch Project, The R1999
Boogie Nights R1997
Bowfinger PG-131999
Boys Don't Cry R1999
Breakdown 3R1997
Bringing out the Dead 3R1999
Brokedown Palace 2PG-131999
Bug's Life, A 3G1998
Bulworth ½R1998
Cider House Rules, The PG-131999
City of Angels PG-131998
Civil Action, A PG-131999
Clockwork Orange, A ---R1972
Close Encounters Of The Third Kind ---PG1977
Con Air 3R1997
Conspiracy Theory R1997
Contact 4PG1997
Copland 4R1997
Dante's Peak PG-131997
Daylight 2PG-131996
Dead Man Walking ---R1995
Deep Blue Sea 2R1999
Deep Impact 3PG-131998
Deliverance ---R1972
Detroit Rock City R1999
Devil's Advocate, The R1997
Dirty Harry ---R1971
Donnie Brasco 3R1997
Dr. Dolittle 2PG-131998
Edge, The 3R1997
EDtv PG-131999
End of the Affair 1R1999
Enemy of the State 2R1998
English Patient, The R1996
Entrapment PG-131999
Erin Brockovich R2000
Event Horizon R1997
Evita PG1996
Eyes Wide Shut 4R1999
Face/Off 3R1997
Fallen 1R1998
Fierce Creatures ½PG-131997
Fifth Element, The 0PG-131997
Fight Club 3R1999
Firestorm 1R1998
Forces of Nature PG-131999
From Here To Eternity ---NR1953
Full Monty, The R1997
Game, The R1997
General's Daughter, The R1999
George of the Jungle 0PG1997
Girl, Interrupted R2000
Gladiator R2000
Godfather, Part II, The ---R1974
Godfather, The ---R1972
Gods and Monsters R1998
Godzilla PG-131998
Good Will Hunting 4R1997
Goodfellas ---R1990
Go 1R1999
Green Mile, The 4R1999
Grosse Pointe Blank 0R1997
Hamlet PG-131996
High Art R1998
Hilary and Jackie R1999
Hope Floats PG-131998
Horse Whisperer, The 4PG-131998
Hurlyburly ½R1998
Hurricane, The R1999
Ice Storm, The R1997
In & Out 1PG-131997
Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark ---PG1981
Insider, The 4R1999
Instinct 1R1999
Inventing the Abbotts 1R1997
Jackal, The 4R1997
Jackie Brown 4R1997
Jaws ---PG1975
Jerry Maguire R1996
JFK ---R1991
Kiss the Girls R1997
L.A. Confidential 4R1997
Lake Placid R1999
Lethal Weapon 4 R1998
Liar Liar 1PG1997
Life Less Ordinary, A ½R1997
Life R1999
Lost World: Jurassic Park, The 3PG-131997
Mad City PG-131997
Magnolia 0R1999
Man in the Iron Mask, The ½PG-131998
Man on the Moon ½R1999
Mars Attacks! 3PG-131996
Mask of Zorro PG-131998
Matrix, The 2R1999
Meet Joe Black 1PG-131998
Men in Black PG-131997
Mercury Rising 3R1998
Message in a Bottle PG-131999
Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil 2R1997
Mimic 2R1997
Mouse Hunt 2PG1997
Mummy, The 2PG-131999
My Best Friend's Wedding 2PG-131997
My Giant PG1998
Mystery Men 2PG-131999
Negotiator, The R1998
Network ---R1976
Newton Boys PG-131998
Notting Hill PG-131999
October Sky PG1999
One True Thing R1998
Out to Sea PG-131997
Palmetto R1998
Patch Adams PG-131998
Patton ---PG1970
Paulie 3PG1998
Payback R1999
Peacemaker, The R1997
People vs. Larry Flynt 4R1996
Pleasantville PG-131998
Postman, The R1997
Primary Colors 3R1998
Private Parts R1997
Pulp Fiction ---R1994
Pushing Tin 3R1999
Rainmaker, The PG-131997
Red Corner 3R1997
Reds ---PG1981
Reindeer Games R2000
Relic, The 0R1997
Ronin R1998
Rosewood 3R1997
Rounders R1998
Runaway Bride ½PG1999
Rush Hour 2PG-131998
Saint, The 1PG-131997
Saving Private Ryan 4R1998
Secrets & Lies 3NR1996
Seven Years in Tibet ---PG-131997
Shadow Conspiracy 0R1997
Shakespeare in Love 4R1998
Siege, The 3R1998
Simon Birch PG1998
Simple Plan, A 3R1998
Six Days Seven Nights 2PG-131998
Sixth Sense, The PG-131999
Skulls, The 0PG-132000
Sleepy Hollow R1999
Sling Blade 3R1996
Small Soldiers PG-131998
Snake Eyes R1998
Soldier ½R1998
South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut R1999
Spawn 2PG-131997
Sphere ½PG-131998
Star Trek: Insurrection PG1998
Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace PG1999
Star Wars 4PG1977
Starship Trooper 3R1997
Stepmom ½PG-131998
Stir of Echoes R1999
Summer of Sam 2R1999
Sweet Hereafter, The 4R1997
Talented Mr. Ripley, The R1999
Taxi Driver ---R1976
There's Something about Mary R1998
Thin Red Line, The 3R1999
Thomas Crown Affair, The R1999
Titanic 4PG-131997
Tomorrow Never Dies PG-131997
Truman Show, The 3PG1998
Tumbleweeds 2PG-131999
U-571 2PG-132000
U.S. Marshals PG-131998
Ulee's Gold R1997
Vampires 1R1998
Volcano PG-131997
Wag the Dog 4R1997
Waking Ned Devine 3PG1998
Waterboy, The ½PG-131998
What Dreams May Come PG-131998
Wild Wild West PG-131999
Wings Of The Dove 2R1997
Wonder Boys R2000
World is not Enough, The PG-131999
You've Got Mail PG1998

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