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Personal Review Page for MrBrown
Reviewer Id:  MrBrown
Name:  Michael Dequina
Reviewer since:  May 2000
Commission*:  $60.05
Commission Paid:  $33.84
Gender:  Male
Location:  USA
* Commission includes sales thru June 30, 2003

Number of Reviews: 287

Video Reviews
Title Rating MPAA Released
10 Things I Hate About You 2PG-131999
101 Dalmatians G1996
2 Fast 2 Furious 3PG-132003
20 Dates 3NR1999
200 Cigarettes R1999
8mm 2R1999
Air Force One R1997
Alien Resurrection 2R1997
Almost Famous R2000
America's Sweethearts 2PG-132001
American Pie 3R1999
American Psycho R2000
American Wedding 3R2003
Amistad 2R1997
Anaconda 0PG-131997
Analyze This 3R1999
Anastasia 3G1997
Anna and the King 3PG-131999
Antz PG1998
Anywhere But Here PG-131999
Apt Pupil R1998
Armageddon 3PG-131998
Astronaut's Wife, The 2R1999
Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me PG-131999
Autumn in New York 2PG-132000
Avengers, The 0PG1998
Bamboozled 2R2000
Batman & Robin PG-131997
Battlefield Earth 0PG-132000
Beach, The 3R2000
Beautiful People NR1999
Being John Malkovich 4R1999
Bicentennial Man 3PG1999
Big Lebowski, The R1998
Blast from the Past 2PG-131999
Bliss R1997
Boiler Room 3R2000
Boogie Nights 4R1997
Bound 4R1996
Bowfinger 3PG-131999
Bride of Chucky 2R1998
Bringing out the Dead R1999
Brokedown Palace PG-131999
Bubble Boy 0PG-132001
Bug's Life, A G1998
Butcher Boy, The R1998
Cast Away 3PG-132000
Celebrity 2R1998
Center Stage PG-132000
Chasing Amy 4R1997
City of Angels PG-131998
Civil Action, A 2PG-131999
Color of Paradise 3PG2001
Con Air R1997
Conspiracy Theory R1997
Cookie's Fortune PG-131999
Copland R1997
Coyote Ugly 0PG-132000
Crash NC-171997
Crazy/Beautiful 3PG-132001
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon 4PG-132000
Cruel Intentions 3R1999
Dance With Me 2PG1998
Dancer in the Dark 4R2000
Dead Man on Campus 1R1998
Deep Blue Sea R1999
Deep Impact 3PG-131998
Devil's Advocate, The R1997
Dinosaur 3PG2000
Dogma 3R1999
Double Jeopardy 2R1999
Double Take 1PG-132001
Double Team R1997
Drowning Mona 2PG-132000
Edge, The 2R1997
EDtv 3PG-131999
Election R1999
End of the Affair 4R1999
Enemy of the State R1998
English Patient, The 4R1996
Entrapment PG-131999
Erin Brockovich R2000
Evita 4PG1996
Eyes Wide Shut 4R1999
Face/Off 4R1997
Fallen 3R1998
Fantasia 2000 G1999
Fifth Element, The 3PG-131997
Fight Club 4R1999
First Wives Club 2PG1996
Flawless 2R1999
Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas, The PG2000
Forces of Nature PG-131999
Four Rooms 2R1995
Freddy Vs. Jason R2003
Frequency 2PG-132000
From Dusk Till Dawn 3R1996
Galaxy Quest 3PG1999
Game, The R1997
Gattaca 3PG-131997
General's Daughter, The 3R1999
George of the Jungle 0PG1997
Gift, The R2001
Gingerbread Man, The 3R1998
Girl, Interrupted 3R2000
Girlfight 3NR2000
Gloria 2R1999
Godzilla 2PG-131998
Gone in 60 Seconds 2PG-132000
Gossip R2000
Go 4R1999
Grease 4PG1978
Hamlet R2000
Hard Rain R1998
Hedwig and the Angry Inch R2001
Hercules G1997
Hilary and Jackie 4R1999
Holy Man PG1998
Home Fries 2PG-131998
Hope Floats 2PG-131998
Horse Whisperer, The PG-131998
Hunchback of Notre Dame, The 4PG1996
Hurlyburly 2R1998
I Know What You Did Last Summer 3R1997
Independence Day PG-131996
Instinct 1R1999
Iron Giant, The 4PG1999
Jack Frost PG1998
Jackie Brown R1997
Jawbreaker 3R1999
Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back R2001
L.A. Confidential 4R1997
Last Days of Disco, The 3R1998
Legally Blonde 3PG-132001
Let's Talk About Sex 0R1998
Lethal Weapon 4 R1998
Life Less Ordinary, A ½R1997
Life R1999
Little Vampire 2PG2000
Living Out Loud 3R1998
Lolita R1998
Long Kiss Goodnight, The 3R1996
Lost Highway 2R1997
Lost in Space 1PG-131998
Lost World: Jurassic Park, The 3PG-131997
Love and Sex 3R2000
Magnolia 4R1999
Man on the Moon 2R1999
Mansfield Park R1999
Mars Attacks! PG-131996
Mask of Zorro 3PG-131998
Matrix, The 4R1999
Maximum Risk 2R1996
Meet Joe Black 3PG-131998
Men in Black PG-131997
Message in a Bottle PG-131999
Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc, The 2R1999
Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil 3R1997
Midsummer Night's Dream, A 3PG-131999
Mighty Joe Young 2PG1998
Mission: Impossible 2 PG-132000
Mod Squad, The 1R1999
Mouse Hunt PG1997
Mulan 4G1998
Mulholland Drive R2001
Mumford 2R1999
Muse, The PG-131999
My Favorite Martian 0PG1999
Never Been Kissed 3PG-131999
Night at the Roxbury, A ½PG-131998
Notting Hill PG-131999
Nutty Professor II: The Klumps 3PG-132000
October Sky 3PG1999
Office Space 3R1999
Omega Code, The ½PG-131999
On the Line PG2001
One Night Stand 1R1997
One True Thing 3R1998
Opposite of Sex, The R1998
Orgazmo ---NC-171998
Other Sister, The 1PG-131999
O R2001
Patch Adams 1PG-131998
Payback R1999
Peacemaker, The 3R1997
Perfect Murder, A 2R1998
Permanent Midnight 2R1998
Phantom, The PG1996
Phenomenon 3PG1996
Pitch Black 2R2000
Playing By Heart 3R1999
Playing God R1997
Pleasantville PG-131998
Polish Wedding PG-131998
Postman, The 0R1997
Practical Magic 2PG-131998
Prince of Egypt 4PG1998
Pushing Tin R1999
Quest For Camelot 2G1998
Quills R2000
Rage: Carrie 2, The R1999
Ransom 4R1996
Ravenous R1999
Ready to Rumble 1PG-132000
Red Violin, The 3NR1999
Reindeer Games 2R2000
Relic, The 0R1997
Requiem for a Dream 4NR2000
Ringmaster 0R1998
Road to El Dorado, The 3PG2000
Road Trip 2R2000
Rock, The R1996
Romeo Must Die 3R2000
Rosewood 4R1997
Rounders 3R1998
Runaway Bride PG1999
Rush Hour 2 3PG-132001
S.W.A.T. PG-132003
Saint, The PG-131997
Save the Last Dance 2PG-132001
Saving Private Ryan 4R1998
Scary Movie 2 0R2001
Score, The 3R2001
Scream 2 R1997
Scream 3 2R2000
Serendipity 3PG-132001
Shadow Conspiracy 0R1997
Shaft 3R2000
Shakespeare in Love R1998
Shooting Fish PG1998
Siege, The R1998
Simon Birch PG1998
Simply Irresistible 2PG-131999
Six Days Seven Nights 3PG-131998
Sixth Sense, The PG-131999
Skulls, The 0PG-132000
Sleepers 3R1996
Small Time Crooks PG2000
Snake Eyes 2R1998
Snatch 3R2001
Snow Falling on Cedars PG-131999
South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut R1999
Spawn 2PG-131997
Species II 1R1998
Sphere PG-131998
Spice World ½PG1998
Star Trek: Insurrection 2PG1998
Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace PG1999
Starship Trooper R1997
Stepmom 3PG-131998
Story of Us 2R1999
Summer Catch 1PG-132001
Summer of Sam 4R1999
Supernova 0PG-132000
Superstar 2PG-131999
Swordfish R2001
Tarzan G1999
Teaching Mrs. Tingle 3PG-131999
There's Something about Mary R1998
Thomas Crown Affair, The 3R1999
Three Kings R1999
Tigger Movie, The G2000
Titanic 4PG-131997
Titus 3NR2000
Training Day 3R2001
Trainspotting R1996
Trekkies PG1998
Trigger Effect, The R1996
Truman Show, The PG1998
Two Girls and a Guy 2R1998
U.S. Marshals 3PG-131998
Unbreakable 3PG-132000
Universal Soldier: The Return 0R1999
Urban Legends: Final Cut R2000
Urban Legend 1R1998
Varsity Blues 1R1999
Waterboy, The 2PG-131998
What Dreams May Come PG-131998
Where the Heart Is ---PG-132000
Why Do Fools Fall In Love 3R1998
Wild Things R1998
Wild Wild West 2PG-131999
Wing Commander 0PG-131999
World is not Enough, The 2PG-131999
X-Men 3PG-132000
You've Got Mail 4PG1998
Zero Effect 3R1998

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