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Personal Review Page for Harvey Karten
Reviewer Id:  Harvey Karten picture of Harvey Karten
Name:  Harvey Karten
Reviewer since:  May 2000
Commission*:  $97.19
Commission Paid:  $38.56
Gender:  Male
Location:  Brooklyn New York    USA
* Commission includes sales thru June 30, 2003

About Me: After teaching high school for quite a while, I took an M.A. in Film and Theater from Hunter College in New York and a Ph.D. in Theater from the City University Graduate Center, also in the Big Apple. Having sat through one innocuous Broadway show after another and a great deal of talky off-Broadway productions as a so-called second-night critic, I realized that you don't always get what you pay for. Broadway shows may be $75 a ticket and movies just $9.50 (in New York), but you're more likely to have fun AND take away something of substance from the big screen. The switch from reviewing theater to reviewing movies was an easy one to make. When my application for membership in the New York Film Critics Circle was circular-filed (print media only, sorry), I founded the Online Film Critics Society in January 1997. The organization is now the premier society of Internet film critics worldwide.

Favorite film: Lassie Come Home
Best of 1999: The Red Violin
Best of 2000: The Boiler Room

Number of Reviews: 658

Video Reviews
Title Rating MPAA Released
10 Things I Hate About You ---PG-131999
102 Dalmatians ---G2000
13 Conversations About One Thing 3R2002
15 Minutes ---R2001
20 Dates ---NR1999
200 Cigarettes ---R1999
25th Hour R2003
28 Days Later 2R2003
3000 Miles to Graceland ---R2001
40 Days and 40 Nights ---R2002
6th Day, The ---R2000
8 Mile 3R2002
A.I.: Artificial Intelligence ---PG-132001
Abandon 3PG-132002
About A Boy PG2002
About Schmidt R2003
Adaptation R2003
Affliction ---R1998
Alex and Emma 3PG-132003
Ali ---R2001
All About the Benjamins ---R2002
All Or Nothing 3R2002
All The Pretty Horses ---PG-132000
Almost Famous ---R2000
Along Came a Spider ---R2001
Amadeus ---PG1988
America's Sweethearts ---PG-132001
American Outlaws ---PG-132001
American Pie 2 ---R2001
American Pie ---R1999
American Psycho ---R2000
Amistad ---R1997
Amy's Orgasm NR2002
An American Rhapsody ---PG-132001
Analyze This ---R1999
Angel Eyes ---R2001
Angela's Ashes ---R2000
Anger Management 2PG-132003
Animal, The ---PG-132001
Anna and the King ---PG-131999
Anniversary Party, The ---R2001
Antitrust ---PG-132001
Antwone Fisher 3PG-132003
Antz ---PG1998
Any Given Sunday ---R1999
Anywhere But Here ---PG-131999
Apocalypse Now Redux ---R2001
Apostle, The ---PG-131998
Apt Pupil ---R1998
Ararat 3R2002
Arlington Road ---R1999
Armageddon ---PG-131998
As Good As It Gets ---PG-131997
Astronaut's Wife, The ---R1999
At First Sight ---R1999
Atlantis: The Lost Empire ---PG2001
Austin Powers In Goldmember 3PG-132002
Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me ---PG-131999
Auto Focus R2002
Avengers, The ---PG1998
Baby Boy ---R2001
Bad Company PG-132002
Bait ---R2000
Bamboozled ---R2000
Bandits ---PG-132001
Barbershop 3PG-132002
Bartleby 3NR2001
Basic R2003
Beach, The ---R2000
Beautiful Mind, A ---PG-132002
Beautiful People ---NR1999
Bedazzled ---PG-132000
Behind Enemy Lines ---PG-132001
Being John Malkovich ---R1999
Believer, The R2001
Bend It Like Bekham PG-132003
Bent ---R1997
Best in Show ---PG-132000
Bicentennial Man ---PG1999
Big Lebowski, The ---R1998
Big Momma's House ---PG-132000
Big Trouble ---PG-132002
Billy Elliot ---R2000
Black and White ---R2000
Black Hawk Down ---R2002
Blair Witch Project, The ---R1999
Blast from the Past ---PG-131999
Blood Work R2002
Bloody Sunday 3R2002
Blow ---R2001
Blue Crush 3PG-132002
Boiler Room ---R2000
Bounce ---PG-132000
Bourne Identity, The 2PG-132002
Bowfinger ---PG-131999
Bowling For Columbine NR2002
Boys Don't Cry ---R1999
Bread and Roses ---R2001
Bridget Jones's Diary ---R2001
Bring It On ---PG-132000
Bringing out the Dead ---R1999
Brokedown Palace ---PG-131999
Brotherhood of the Wolf ---NR2002
Bruce Almighty 1PG-132003
Bubble Boy ---PG-132001
Buffalo Soldiers R2003
Bug's Life, A ---G1998
Bulworth ---R1998
Butcher Boy, The ---R1998
Camp PG-132003
Captain Corelli's Mandolin ---R2001
Cast Away ---PG-132000
Cat's Meow, The ---PG-132002
Catch Me If You Can PG-132002
Caveman's Valentine, The ---R2001
Cell, The ---R2000
Center Stage ---PG-132000
Changing Lanes R2002
Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle 3PG-132003
Chicago 4PG-132003
Chicken Run ---G2000
Chocolat ---R2001
Chopper, The ---NR2001
Chuck and Buck ---R2000
Cider House Rules, The ---PG-131999
City By The Sea 4R2002
City of Angels ---PG-131998
City Of Ghosts 3R2003
City Of God R2003
Civil Action, A ---PG-131999
Claim, The ---R2000
Clockwatchers ---PG-131998
Color of Paradise ---PG2001
Comedian 3R2002
Company Man ---PG-132001
Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind 3R2003
Confidence 3R2003
Contender, The ---R2000
Cookie's Fortune ---PG-131999
Cradle Will Rock ---R1999
Crazy/Beautiful ---PG-132001
Critical Care ---R1997
Crocodile Dundee in Los Angelos ---PG2001
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon ---PG-132000
Croupier ---R2000
Cruel Intentions ---R1999
Crush ---R2002
Curse of the Jade Scorpion ---PG-132001
Daddy Day Care 2PG2003
Dance With Me ---PG1998
Dancer in the Dark ---R2000
Dancer Upstairs, The R2003
Dangerous Beauty ---R1998
Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys, The 3R2002
Daredevil 3PG-132003
Dark Blue R2003
Dark City ---R1998
Daughter From Danang 3NR2002
Day I Became a Woman, The ---NR2001
Death To Smoochy ---R2002
Debut, The 3NR2000
Deconstructing Harry ---R1997
Deep Blue Sea ---R1999
Deep End, The ---R2001
Deep Impact ---PG-131998
Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo ---R1999
Dick ---PG-131999
Die Another Day 3PG-132002
Dirty Pretty Things R2003
Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood PG-132002
Dog Park ---R1999
Dogma ---R1999
Don't Say a Word ---R2001
Double Jeopardy ---R1999
Dr. Dolittle ---PG-131998
Dr. T and the Women ---R2000
Dreamcatcher 2R2003
Driven ---PG-132001
Duets ---R2000
E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial ---PG1982
Edge, The ---R1997
EDtv ---PG-131999
El Crimen Del Padre Amaro 3R2002
Election ---R1999
Emperor's Club, The 3PG-132002
Emperor's New Clothes, The 3PG2002
Empire 3R2002
Enemy at the Gates ---R2001
Enemy of the State ---R1998
Enigma ---NR2001
Enough 3PG-132002
Entrapment ---PG-131999
Equilibrium 3R2002
Erin Brockovich ---R2000
Eve's Bayou ---R1997
Evelyn 3PG2002
Ever After: A Cinderella Story ---PG-131998
Everest ---NR1998
Exorcist, The ---R1993
Eye of the Beholder ---R2000
Eyes Wide Shut ---R1999
Faculty, The ---R1998
Fallen ---R1998
Family Man, The ---PG-132000
Far From heaven PG-132002
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas ---R1998
Femme Fatale R2002
Fight Club ---R1999
Final Destination ---R2000
Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within ---PG-132001
Finding Nemo G2003
Five Senses ---R2000
Flawless ---R1999
Focus ---PG-132001
Forces of Nature ---PG-131999
Formula 51 3R2002
Frailty ---R2002
Freaky Friday PG2003
Frequency ---PG-132000
Frida 3R2002
From Hell ---R2001
Game, The ---R1997
Gangs of New York 3R2002
Gattaca ---PG-131997
General's Daughter, The ---R1999
Gerry R2003
Ghost World ---R2001
Gift, The ---R2001
Gigli R2003
Gingerbread Man, The ---R1998
Girl, Interrupted ---R2000
Girlfight ---NR2000
Gladiator ---R2000
Glass House, The ---PG-132001
Glitter ---PG-132001
Gloria ---R1999
Gods and Monsters ---R1998
Godzilla ---PG-131998
Gone in 60 Seconds ---PG-132000
Good Girl, The 3R2002
Good Thief, The R2003
Good Will Hunting ---R1997
Gosford Park ---R2002
Gossip ---R2000
Governess ---R1998
Go ---R1999
Green Dragon 3PG-132002
Green Mile, The ---R1999
Grey Zone, The 3R2002
Groove ---R2000
Guru, The 3R2003
Hamlet ---R2000
Hanging Up ---PG-132000
Hannibal ---R2001
Happy Texas ---PG-131999
Hard Rain ---R1998
Hardball ---R2001
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets 3PG2002
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone ---PG2001
Hart's War ---R2002
Head of State 3PG-132003
Heartbreakers ---PG-132001
Hearts in Atlantis ---PG-132001
Hedwig and the Angry Inch ---R2001
Heist ---R2001
High Art ---R1998
High Crimes ---PG-132002
High Fidelity ---R2000
Hilary and Jackie ---R1999
Holes PG2003
Hollow Man ---R2000
Hollywood Ending 3PG-132002
Hollywood Homicide 1PG-132003
Holy Man ---PG1998
Home Fries ---PG-131998
Hope Floats ---PG-131998
Hours, The 3PG-132002
House of Yes ---R1997
How To Deal 2PG-130
Hulk, The 3PG-132003
Human Traffic ---R2000
Hunted, The 2R2003
Hurlyburly ---R1998
Hurricane, The ---R1999
I Am Sam ---PG-132002
I Dreamed of Africa ---PG-132000
I Know What You Did Last Summer ---R1997
I Still Know What You Did Last Summer ---R1998
I-Spy 2PG-132002
Identity R2003
Igby Goes Down R2002
In & Out ---PG-131997
In the Bedroom ---R2001
In the Mood For Love ---PG2001
Insomnia 3R2002
Instinct ---R1999
Intacto R2001
Interview With The Assassin 2NR2002
Iris ---R2001
Iron Giant, The ---PG1999
Iron Monkey ---PG-132001
Italian For Beginners ---R2002
Italian Job, The PG-132003
Jackal, The ---R1997
Jackie Brown ---R1997
Jakob the Liar ---PG-131999
Jawbreaker ---R1999
Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back ---R2001
Jeepers Creepers ---R2001
Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius ---G2001
Joe Somebody ---PG2001
John Q. ---PG-132002
Joy Ride ---R2001
Jurassic Park III ---PG-132001
Just Visiting ---PG-132001
K-19: The Widowmaker 3PG-132002
Kate and Leopold ---PG-132001
Keeping the Faith ---PG-132000
Kid, The ---PG2000
Kiss of the Dragon ---R2001
Kiss the Girls ---R1997
Kissing Jessica Stein ---R2001
Kundun ---PG-131997
L.A. Confidential ---R1997
Lake Placid ---R1999
Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life PG-132003
Last Days of Disco, The ---R1998
Last Orders ---R2001
Lawn Dogs ---R1998
Le Divorce PG-132003
Legally Blonde 2: Red, White and Blonde PG-132003
Legally Blonde ---PG-132001
Legend of Bagger Vance, The ---PG-132000
Lethal Weapon 4 ---R1998
Life and Times of Hank Greenberg, The ---R2000
Life of David Gale, The 3PG-132003
Limey, The ---R1999
Little Nicky ---PG-132000
Lolita ---R1998
Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, The ---PG-132001
Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers, The 3PG-132002
Loser ---PG-132000
Lost in Space ---PG-131998
Lost Souls ---R2000
Love & Basketball ---PG-132000
Love Letter ---PG-131999
Love Liza 3R2002
Mad City ---PG-131997
Mad Love 3R2002
Madeline ---PG1998
Magnolia ---R1999
Maid In Manhattan PG-132002
Majestic, The ---PG2001
Man From Elysian Fields, The R2002
Man in the Iron Mask, The ---PG-131998
Man on the Moon ---R1999
Man Who Cried, The ---R2001
Man Who Wasn't There, The ---R2001
Mansfield Park ---R1999
Maryam ---NR2000
Mask of Zorro ---PG-131998
Matrix Reloaded, The 1R2003
Matrix, The ---R1999
Maybe Baby ---R2001
Me, Myself and Irene ---R2000
Meet the Parents ---PG-132000
Memento ---R2001
Men of Honor ---R2000
Merci Pour le Chocolat 3NR2002
Mercury Rising ---R1998
Message in a Bottle ---PG-131999
Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc, The ---R1999
Mexican, The ---R2001
Mickey Blue Eyes ---PG-131999
Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil ---R1997
Midsummer Night's Dream, A ---PG-131999
Mighty Joe Young ---PG1998
Mighty Wind, A 3PG-132003
Minority Report PG-132002
Miss Congeniality ---PG-132000
Mission: Impossible 2 ---PG-132000
Monsoon Wedding ---R2002
Monster's Ball ---R2001
Moulin Rouge ---PG-132001
Mr. Deeds PG-132002
Mrs. Dalloway ---PG-131998
Mulholland Drive ---R2001
Mumford ---R1999
Mummy, The ---PG-131999
Murder By Numbers 3R2002
Muse, The ---PG-131999
Musketeer, The ---PG-132001
My Favorite Martian ---PG1999
My First Mister ---R2001
My Giant ---PG1998
My Wife Is An Actress 3R2002
Mystery Men ---PG-131999
Narc 3R2003
Negotiator, The ---R1998
Newton Boys ---PG-131998
Nicholas Nickleby 3PG2002
Ninth Gate, The ---R2000
No Man's Land ---R2001
Not Another Teen Movie ---R2001
Notorious C.H.O NR2002
Notting Hill ---PG-131999
Novocaine ---R2001
Nowhere In Africa NR2003
Nurse Betty ---R2000
Nutty Professor II: The Klumps ---PG-132000
O Brother, Where Art Thou? ---PG-132000
Object of My Affection ---R1998
Ocean's Eleven ---PG-132001
October Sky ---PG1999
Office Space ---R1999
Old School 3R2003
One Hour Photo R2002
One Night Stand ---R1997
One True Thing ---R1998
Open Range 3R2003
Opposite of Sex, The ---R1998
Orange County ---R2002
Original Sin ---R2001
Other Sister, The ---PG-131999
Others, The ---PG-132001
Out-of-Towners, The ---PG-131999
Outside Providence ---R1999
Owning Mahowny 3R2003
Panic Room ---R2002
Parent Trap, The ---PG1998
Passion of Mind ---PG-132000
Patch Adams ---PG-131998
Patriot, The ---PG-132000
Paulie ---PG1998
Pauline and Paulette ---PG2002
Pay it Forward ---PG-132000
Payback ---R1999
Peacemaker, The ---R1997
Pearl Harbor ---PG-132001
Pecker ---R1998
Perfect Murder, A ---R1998
Perfect Storm, The ---PG2000
Permanent Midnight ---R1998
Personal Velocity 3R2002
Phone Booth 3R2003
Pianist, The R2002
Pirates Of The Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl PG-132003
Planet of the Apes ---PG-132001
Play it to the Bone ---R2000
Playing By Heart ---R1999
Playing God ---R1997
Pleasantville ---PG-131998
Pledge, The ---R2001
Polish Wedding ---PG-131998
Possession PG-132002
Postman, The ---R1997
Practical Magic ---PG-131998
Primary Colors ---R1998
Prince of Egypt ---PG1998
Princess Diaries, The ---G2001
Promises ---NR2001
Proof of Life ---R2000
Psycho Bach Party ---PG-132000
Psycho ---R1998
Pumpkin R2002
Punch-Drunk Love R2002
Pushing Tin ---R1999
Quiet American, The R2002
Quills ---R2000
Rabbit-Proof Fence ---PG2002
Rainmaker, The ---PG-131997
Rain 3NR2002
Random Hearts ---R1999
Ratcatcher ---NR2000
Ravenous ---R1999
Real Women Have Curves 3PG-132002
Recruit, The 3PG-132003
Red Corner ---R1997
Red Dragon 3R2002
Red Violin, The ---NR1999
Reindeer Games ---R2000
Remember the Titans ---PG2000
Replacements, The ---PG-132000
Requiem for a Dream ---NR2000
Resident Evil ---R2002
Respiro 3PG-132003
Return to Me ---PG2000
Return to Never Land ---G2002
Ring, The 3PG-132002
Ringmaster ---R1998
Road To Perdition 4R2002
Road Trip ---R2000
Rock Star ---R2001
Roger Dodger 3R2002
Ronin ---R1998
Rounders ---R1998
Royal Tenenbaums, The ---R2001
Rules of Attraction, The 3R2002
Rules of Engagement ---R2000
Runaway Bride ---PG1999
Rush Hour 2 ---PG-132001
Rush Hour ---PG-131998
S.W.A.T. PG-132003
Safety Of Objects, The 3R2003
Salton Sea, The 3R2002
Save the Last Dance ---PG-132001
Saving Private Ryan ---R1998
Scary Movie 2 ---R2001
Scary Movie ---R2000
Score, The ---R2001
Scream 2 ---R1997
Scream 3 ---R2000
Screwed ---PG-132000
Seabiscuit PG-132003
Secret Lives Of Dentists, The 3R2003
Serendipity ---PG-132001
Serving Sara PG-132002
Seven Years in Tibet ---PG-131997
Sex and Lucia NR2002
Sexy Beast ---R2001
Shadow Magic ---PG2001
Shadow of the Vampire ---R2001
Shaft ---R2000
Shallow Hal ---PG-132001
Shanghai Ghetto 3NR2002
Shanghai Noon ---PG-132000
Shipping News, The ---R2002
Showtime ---PG-132002
Shrek ---PG2001
Sidewalks of New York ---R2001
Siege, The ---R1998
Signs 3PG-132002
Simone PG-132002
Simple Plan, A ---R1998
Simply Irresistible ---PG-131999
Six Days Seven Nights ---PG-131998
Sleepy Hollow ---R1999
Small Time Crooks ---PG2000
Snake Eyes ---R1998
Snatch ---R2001
Snow Dogs ---PG2002
Snow Falling on Cedars ---PG-131999
Solaris 2PG-132002
Soldier ---R1998
Songcatcher ---PG-132000
South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut ---R1999
Space Cowboys ---PG-132000
Spanish Prisoner ---PG1998
Sphere ---PG-131998
Spider-Man 3PG-132002
Spider 3R2003
Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron 3G2002
Spirited Away PG2002
Spun 3R2003
Spy Game ---R2001
Spy Kids 2: The Island Of Lost Dreams PG2002
Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over 3PG2003
Star Trek: Nemesis PG-132002
Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace ---PG1999 ---R2001
State and Main ---R2001
Steal This Movie! ---R2000
Stepmom ---PG-131998
Stigmata ---R1999
Stir of Echoes ---R1999
Story of Us ---R1999
Storytelling ---R2001
Suicide Kings ---R1998
Sum Of All Fears, The 3PG-132002
Summer of Sam ---R1999
Sunshine State 3PG-132002
Sweet Hereafter, The ---R1997
Sweet Home Alabama PG-132002
Sweet November ---PG-132001
Swimming Pool 3R2003
Swordfish ---R2001
Tailor of Panama, The ---R2001
Tape ---NR2001
Tarzan ---G1999
Teaching Mrs. Tingle ---PG-131999
Tears Of The Sun 3R2003
Teknolust NR2002
Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines 3R2003
There's Something about Mary ---R1998
Thin Red Line, The ---R1999
Thirteen Days ---PG-132001
Thirteen Ghosts ---R2001
Thirteenth Floor, The ---R1999
Thomas Crown Affair, The ---R1999
Three Kings ---R1999
Time Machine, The ---PG-132002
Titanic ---PG-131997
Titus ---NR2000
Tomcats ---R2001
Tomorrow Never Dies ---PG-131997
Tortilla Soup ---R2001
Town and Country ---R2001
Traffic ---R2001
Training Day ---R2001
Transporter, The 3PG-132002
Truman Show, The ---PG1998
Truth About Charlie, The PG-132002
Tuck Everlasting PG2002
Tumbleweeds ---PG-131999
Turn It Up ---R2000
Twin Falls Idaho ---R1999
Two Family House ---R2000
Two Girls and a Guy ---R1998
Two Weeks Notice PG-132002
U-571 ---PG-132000
Unbreakable ---PG-132000
Undercover Brother 2PG-132002
Undisputed 3R2002
Unfaithful 3R2002
Urban Legends: Final Cut ---R2000
Urban Legend ---R1998
Valentine ---R2001
Vampires ---R1998
Vanilla Sky ---R2001
Varsity Blues ---R1999
Very Bad Things ---R1998
Wag the Dog ---R1997
Waking Ned Devine ---PG1998
War Zone, The ---NR1999
Washington Square ---PG1997
Way of the Gun, The ---R2000
We Were Soldiers ---R2002
Wedding Planner, The ---PG-132001
Wedding Singer, The ---PG-131998
Weight Of Water, The 3R2002
Welcome To Collinwood 3R2002
Welcome to Sarajevo ---R1997
Whale Rider 3PG-132003
What A Girl Wants 3G2003
What Dreams May Come ---PG-131998
What Lies Beneath ---PG-132000
What Planet are You From? ---R2000
What Women Want ---PG-132000
What's Cooking? ---PG-132000
Whipped ---R2000
White Oleander 3PG-132002
Who Is Cletis Tout? 2R2002
Why Do Fools Fall In Love ---R1998
Wild Things ---R1998
Wild Wild West ---PG-131999
Willard 3PG-132003
Windtalkers ---R2002
Wings Of The Dove ---R1997
Wizard of Oz, The ---G1939
Woman On Top ---R2000
Wonder Boys ---R2000
World is not Enough, The ---PG-131999
X2: X-Men United 3PG-132003
XXX 3PG-132002
Yards, The ---R2000
You've Got Mail ---PG1998
Zero Effect ---R1998
Zoolander ---PG-132001

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