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Personal Review Page for Dragan Antulov
Reviewer Id:  Dragan Antulov
Reviewer since:  March 2001
Commission*:  $14.28
* Commission includes sales thru June 30, 2003

Number of Reviews: 274

Video Reviews
Title Rating MPAA Released
12 Angry Men 4NR1957
20,000 Leagues Under The Sea 3G1954
2001: a Space Odyssey 4G1968
48 Hours 3R1982
Above Suspicion 1R1995
Abyss, The 3PG-131989
Ace Ventura Pet Detective 2PG-131994
African Queen, The 3NR1952
Aliens 4R1986
Alien 4R1997
American Graffiti 3PG1973
American Yakuza 2R1994
Animal House 3R1978
Arctic Blue 1R1993
Asphalt Jungle 4NR1950
Babe G1995
Bad Lieutenant 2NC-171992
Badlands 4PG1974
Basic Instinct 3R1992
Basketball Diaries, The 2R1995
Batman Forever 2PG-131995
Beverly Hills Cop III 1R1994
Beverly Hills Cop 3R1984
Big Easy, The 3R1987
Birdcage, The R1996
Bitter Moon 3R1994
Black Widow 2R1987
Blade Runner 4R1982
Blazing Saddles 3R1974
Blink 3R1994
Blood Games ½R1990
Blown Away 1R1994
Blue Sky 3PG-131994
Blue Thunder 3R1983
Blue Velvet R1986
Body Heat 4R1981
Bodyguard, The 2R1992
Boxing Helena ½R1993
Bram Stoker's Dracula 3R1992
Bridge on the River Kwai, The 4PG1957
Buffy The Vampire Slayer 1PG-131992
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid 3PG1964
Canadian Bacon ½PG1995
Carrington 2R1995
Casablanca 4PG1943
Cat People 3R1982
Chain Reaction PG-131996
Clear and Present Danger 3PG-131994
Cleopatra 2G1963
Client, The 2PG-131994
Close Encounters Of The Third Kind 4PG1977
Color of Night 1R1994
Coma 3PG1978
Commando 3R1985
Conan the Barbarian 4R1982
Cool World ½PG-131992
Copycat R1995
Courage Under Fire R1996
Craft, The R1996
Crimson Tide 2R1995
Crossing Guard, The R1995
Crow, The 3R1994
Dam Busters 3NR1954
Danger Zone R1996
Dangerous Minds 2R1995
Day Of The Jackal 4PG1973
Dead Man Walking R1995
Deer Hunter, The 4R1978
Desperado 2R1995
Dirty Dozen, The PG1967
Dirty Rotten Scoundrels 3PG1998
Disclosure 3R1994
Dog Day Afternoon 3R1975
Dolores Claiborne 2R1995
Dr. No 2PG1963
Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb 4PG1964
Drop Zone 1R1994
Dune 3PG-131984
East Of Eden 3NR1955
Emerald Forest, The 3R1985
Empire Records 1PG-131995
Empire Strikes Back, The 4PG1980
English Patient, The 1R1996
Enter the Dragon 3R1973
Escape From New York 3R1981
Evita 3PG1996
Fahrenheit 451 3NR1966
Fearless 2R1993
Feds 1PG-131988
Flintstones, The 1PG1994
Forbidden Planet 3G1956
Fort Apache 3NR1948
Fortress ½R1993
Four Rooms 1R1995
From Here To Eternity 3NR1953
From Russia With Love 3PG1964
Gandhi 3PG1982
Geronimo: An American Legend 1PG-13 1993
Getaway, The 3PG1972
Ghost and the Darkness, The 1R1996
Ghostbusters 3PG1984
Godfather, The 4R1972
Goldfinger 4PG1964
Gone with the Wind 3G1939
Good Man In Africa, A 1R1994
Goodfellas 4R1990
Great White Hype, The ½R1996
Groundhog Day 3PG1993
Guns Of Navarone, The 2NR1961
Hackers 2PG-131995
Hard Truth, The 2R1994
Hear No Evil 2R1993
Heavy Metal R1981
High Noon 3NR1952
I Love Trouble 3PG1994
Immortal Beloved 1R1995
In The Line Of Fire 3R1993
In the Name of the Father 2R1994
Indian Runner, The ---R1991
Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark 4PG1981
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom 3PG1984
Internal Affairs 3R1990
Interview with the Vampire 1R1994
Island of Dr. Moreau, The ½PG-131996
It Could Happen to You 1PG1994
Jade ½R1995
Jaws 4PG1975
Johnny Mnemonic ½R1995
Judge Dredd 2R1995
Judicial Consent 1NR1994
Jumanji 2PG1995
Just Cause 1R1995
Kounterfeit.raw ½R1996
Lassie Come Home 3G1943
Last Boy Scout, The 4R1991
Last Supper, The R1996
Lawrence of Arabia 4PG1962
Legends of the Fall 2R1995
Lethal Weapon 3R1987
Life of Brian 3R1979
Little Man Tate 2PG1991
Little Shop Of Horrors 3NR1960
Little Shop Of Horrors 3PG-131986
Logan's Run 3NR1976
Lolita 4NR1962
Lone Star R1996
Long Kiss Goodnight, The R1996
Lord Of Illusions R1995
Love Potion No. 9 ½PG-131992
Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior 4R1982
Mad Max 3R1980
Magnificent Seven, The 2NR1960
Maltese Falcon, The 4NR1941
Man Without A Face 2PG-131993
Mars Attacks! PG-131996
Mary Reilly ½R1996
Mask, The 1PG-131994
Maximum Risk R1996
Max 2R2002
McBain 2R1991
Memphis Belle 2PG-131990
Michael Collins R1996
Mississippi Burning 3R1988
Monolith ½R1993
Moonlight and Valentino R1995
Mr. Jones 2R1993
Mrs. Doubtfire 2PG-131993
Mrs. Winterbourne 1PG-131996
Muriel's Wedding 2R1995
My Cousing Vinny 2R1992
Natural Born Killers ½R1994
Nell 1PG-131994
Nick of Time 2R1995
Nine Months 2PG-131995
Nixon R1995
Normal Life R1996
North By Northwest 4NR1959
Only You 2PG1994
Out For Justice 2R1991
Outbreak 1R1995
Outland 3R1981
Paper, The 3R1994
Past Perfect ½R1996
People vs. Larry Flynt 3R1996
Personal Best R1982
Persons Unknown NR1996
Phantom, The 2PG1996
Philadelphia 2PG-131994
Piano, The 2R1993
Planet of the Apes 3G1968
Plato's Run 1R1998
Point Blank 3NR1967
Prince Of The City 3R1981
Psycho 3R1960
Pulp Fiction 4R1994
Quiz Show 2PG-131994
Radioland Murders 2PG1994
Ransom 1R1996
Rashomon 3NR1951
Rear Window 4PG1954
Red Heat 2R1988
Renaissance Man 2PG-131994
Return of the Jedi 3PG1983
Right Stuff, The 4PG1983
Road To Wellville, The 2R1994
Robocop 4R1987
Romancing The Stone 2PG1984
Saint, The PG-131997
Sands Of Iwo Jima NR1950
Scarlet Letter, The 1R1995
Scarlet Street 3NR1945
Schindler's List 3R1993
Scorned 1NR1993
Searchers, The NR1956
Sense and Sensibility PG1995
Serpico 3R1973
Seven Days In May 3NR1964
Seven Samurai 4NR1956
Seven 2R1995
Shadow, The 1PG-131994
Shadowlands 3PG1994
Shaft 3R1971
Shallow Grave 3R1995
Shawshank Redemption, The R1994
Short Cuts 3R1993
Silence Of The Lambs, The 4R1991
Singin' In The Rain 4G1952
Sirens 3R1994
Slaughter Of The Innocents 1R1993
Sophie's Choice 3R1982
Soylent Green 3PG1973
Space Truckers 1PG-131997
Spartacus 2PG-131960
Specialist, The 1R1994
Speed 2R1994
Spellbound 3NR1945
Spy Who Loved Me, The 3PG1977
Star Trek: First Contact 3PG-131996
Star Trek: Generations 2PG1994
Star Wars 4PG1977
Stargate 2PG-131994
Striking Distance 1R1993
Substitute, The R1996
Sudden Death 2R1995
Taxi Driver 4R1976
Terminal Velocity 1PG-131994
Terminator, The R1984
Theodore Rex 1PG1996
Things To Do In Denver When You're Dead R1995
Three Days of the Condor 2R1975
Thunderball 3PG1965
Time After Time 3PG1979
Timecop 2R1994
Tombstone 2R1993
Total Recall 4R1990
True Crime 2R1995
True Lies 3R1994
Truth About Cats & Dogs, The 1PG-131996
Tunnel Vision 1R1995
Two If By Sea 1R1996
Unforgettable 1R2003
Untouchables, The R1987
Vanishing, The 2R1993
Vertigo 4PG1958
Virtuosity R1995
War Of The Worlds 3G1953
Wayne's World 2 1PG-131993
White Man's Burden R1995
White Squall ½PG-131996
Wild One, The 2NR1953
Wolf 1R1994
Wyatt Earp 1PG-131994
Year Of The Comet 1PG-131992
Year Of The Dragon 2R1985

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