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Personal Review Page for Brian Koller
Reviewer Id:  Brian Koller
Reviewer since:  July 2000
Commission*:  $13.08
* Commission includes sales thru June 30, 2003

Number of Reviews: 112

Video Reviews
Title Rating MPAA Released
2001: a Space Odyssey G1968
Adventures of Robin Hood, The NR1938
Aliens R1986
Alive R1993
All About Eve NR1950
Annie Hall 3PG1977
Apollo 13 PG1995
Atlantic City 2R1981
Babe G1995
Basketball Diaries, The R1995
Batman Forever 2PG-131995
Ben-Hur G1959
Blazing Saddles 2R1974
Born on the Fourth of July R1989
Braveheart 3R1995
Brigadoon G1954
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid 3PG1964
Carlito's Way R1993
Casablanca 4PG1943
Chinatown 4R1974
Citizen Kane 4NR1941
Clockwork Orange, A 3R1972
Close Encounters Of The Third Kind 3PG1977
Doctor Zhivago PG-131965
Double Indemnity NR1944
Dr. Dolittle 2PG-131998
Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb 4PG1964
Empire Strikes Back, The 4PG1980
English Patient, The 3R1996
Evita 3PG1996
Frankenstein NR1931
French Connection, The R1971
From Here To Eternity NR1953
Gandhi PG1982
Gigi G1958
Godfather, Part II, The 4R1974
Godfather, The 4R1972
Gone with the Wind 4G1939
Graduate, The 3PG1967
Grapes of Wrath, The NR1940
High Noon 4NR1952
How Green Was My Valley NR1941
Hunt for Red October, The 2PG1990
Hustler, The NR1961
In The Heat Of The Night 3NR1967
In the Name of the Father R1994
Independence Day PG-131996
Invasion Of The Body Snatchers 3NR1956
James and the Giant Peach 2PG1996
Jane Eyre NR1944
Jaws PG1975
Jerry Maguire R1996
King Kong NR1933
Kiss of the Spider Woman R1985
La Bamba 3PG-131987
Little Foxes PG1941
Little Princess, A 3G1995
Little Shop Of Horrors NR1960
Little Shop Of Horrors PG-131986
Maltese Falcon, The NR1941
Manhattan R1979
Midnight Cowboy R1969
Muppet Treasure Island G1996
Muriel's Wedding 2R1995
My Fair Lady G1964
My Favorite Year PG1982
Network R1976
North By Northwest 3NR1959
Notorious NR1946
On the Waterfront NR1954
Paper Moon PG1973
Patton 4PG1970
People vs. Larry Flynt R1996
Pink Panther, The ---NR1964
Private Parts R1997
Psycho R1960
Pulp Fiction R1994
Purple Rose of Cairo PG1985
Raging Bull R1980
Rashomon NR1951
Rebel Without a Cause NR1955
Reds PG1981
Return of the Jedi 3PG1983
Sabrina NR1954
Schindler's List 4R1993
Searchers, The 3NR1956
Sense and Sensibility PG1995
Seven Samurai NR1956
Singin' In The Rain 4G1952
Sirens R1994
Some Like It Hot 2NR1959
Spartacus PG-131960
Spellbound NR1945
Star Trek: First Contact PG-131996
Star Wars PG1977
Sweet Hereafter, The ---R1997
Swiss Family Robinson, The 2G1960
Taxi Driver 3R1976
Thief of Bagdad, The NR1940
Three Days of the Condor 3R1975
Titanic 2PG-131997
To Kill a Mockingbird 3NR1962
Tootsie 3PG1982
Toy Story G1995
Twister 3PG-131996
Unbearable Lightness of Being, The R1988
Vertigo 2PG1958
Virtuosity 3R1995
Wag the Dog R1997
Waterworld PG-131995
West Side Story 2NR1961
Wuthering Heights NR1939

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