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Personal Review Page for Andrew Hicks
Reviewer Id:  Andrew Hicks
Name:  Andrew Hicks
Reviewer since:  July 2000
Commission*:  $23.43
Gender:  Male
* Commission includes sales thru June 30, 2003

Number of Reviews: 136

Video Reviews
Title Rating MPAA Released
Air Force One R1997
American President, The 3PG-131995
Anaconda PG-131997
Apollo 13 3PG1995
Babe G1995
Batman & Robin 2PG-131997
Batman Forever 3PG-131995
Birdcage, The R1996
Boogie Nights R1997
Breakdown R1997
Breakfast Club R1985
Bulworth R1998
Casablanca 4PG1943
Casino Royale 2NR1967
Children of the Corn 1R1984
Chinatown 4R1974
City Hall 2R1996
City of Angels 2PG-131998
Clerks R1994
Clockers R1995
Con Air R1997
Conspiracy Theory 3R1997
Contact 3PG1997
Crash 1NC-171997
Crimson Tide 3R1995
Crossing Guard, The 2R1995
Dangerous Minds 3R1995
Dead Man Walking R1995
Deliverance 3R1972
Diamonds Are Forever PG1971
Die Hard With a Vengeance 3R1995
Dolores Claiborne 3R1995
Donnie Brasco 3R1997
Dr. Dolittle 2PG-131998
Dr. No PG1963
Edge, The 3R1997
Eraser 3R1996
Evita 2PG1996
Face/Off 3R1997
Fargo R1996
Fast Times at Ridgemont High 3R1992
Fear R1996
Fifth Element, The PG-131997
First Wives Club 3PG1996
For Your Eyes Only 3PG1981
Forbidden Planet ½G1956
Forget Paris 3PG-131995
Four Rooms R1995
From Dusk Till Dawn 3R1996
From Russia With Love 3PG1964
Get Shorty R1995
GoldenEye PG-131995
Goldfinger PG1964
Good Will Hunting 3R1997
Grease PG1978
Great White Hype, The 2R1996
Grosse Pointe Blank R1997
Grumpy Old Men PG-131993
Heat 3R1995
Hercules 3G1997
I Shot Andy Warhol 3R1996
Ice Storm, The R1997
In & Out 3PG-131997
Independence Day 4PG-131996
Interview with the Vampire 3R1994
Jerry Maguire R1996
Jumanji PG1995
Juror, The 2R1996
L.A. Confidential 4R1997
Licence To Kill 3PG-131989
Life of Brian 2R1979
Little Women 3PG1994
Live and Let Die 3PG1973
Living Daylights, The PG1987
Lost in America 3R1985
Mallrats R1995
Man With the Golden Gun, The 2PG1974
Manhattan R1979
Mars Attacks! 3PG-131996
Men in Black 3PG-131997
Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil R1997
Midsummer Night's Sex Comedy PG1982
Mighty Aphrodite 3R1995
Mission: Impossible 2PG-131996
Monty Python and the Holy Grail 3PG1995
Monty Python's the Meaning of Life 3R1983
Moonraker 3PG1979
Mr. Holland's Opus 2PG1996
Mulan 3G1998
My Best Friend's Wedding PG-131997
Net, The PG-131995
Never Say Never Again 2PG1983
Nick of Time 2R1995
Nine Months 1PG-131995
Nixon 3R1995
Nutty Professor, The PG-131996
Octopussy PG1983
Oliver & Company 2G1988
On Her Majestys Secret Service 2PG1969
Out to Sea PG-131997
Pallbearer, The 2PG-131996
People vs. Larry Flynt 4R1996
Perfect Murder, A 2R1998
Planet of the Apes 1G1968
Pocahontas 2G1995
Poseidon Adventure, The PG1972
Powder PG-131995
Private Parts 3R1997
Producers, The 3NR1968
Rainmaker, The PG-131997
Reservoir Dogs 3R1992
Rosewood 3R1997
Sabrina PG1995
Scream 3R1996
Seven 3R1995
Sgt. Bilko 2PG1996
Sleeper PG1973
Small Soldiers 2PG-131998
Smoke 3R1995
Some Like It Hot 4NR1959
Species R1995
Spy Who Loved Me, The 3PG1977
Stripes 1R1981
Striptease 2R1996
Thunderball PG1965
To Die For 3R1995
Toy Story 4G1995
Truth About Cats & Dogs, The 3PG-131996
Twister 3PG-131996
Two If By Sea 2R1996
Usual Suspects, The R1995
View to a Kill 2PG1985
Waiting To Exhale R1995
While You Were Sleeping PG1995
Witness 3R1985
You Only Live Twice 2PG1967

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