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Program Summary

Why Become a Reviewer?
Do you like to have your opinion heard? By being a contributor you will be able to share your opinions and help others by recommending items that you think they will enjoy. In addition, by being an reviewer you will share in the commissions collected by

Summary of the Reviewer Program
The product recommendations you write are linked to one or more affiliates that have agreed to pay a commission based on sales initiated through this site. The exact amount of the commission varies for each affiliate, but, as a general rule, the minimum commission is 5% of the sale (see the commission schedule within the operating agreement for details). Periodically will take the earned commissions and distribute one-third of the total amongst our reviewers. The amount that each individual reviewer receives is based on the number of reviews that he/she has written. For example, if a reviewer has written 5% of the reviews posted on our site, that reviewer will receive 5% of the commissions that are distributed. Reviews continue to accrue commissions over time, so the longer they are on our site, the more commission you will earn.

Each reviewer can determine the commission they have earned by looking at the reviewer commission page. Alternatively, if the reviewer has written a sufficient number of reviews, he/she will be allocated a personal reviewer page and that page will include the amount of the earned commission (this page will be linked to from the reviewer index). Each all-reviewer will periodically receive a check for the amount credited in his/her account-- but no more often than once per quarter. A minimum credit of $30 is required in order to receive a check. If this amount is not reached within a quarter, then the credited amount will be rolled-over to the next quarter, and will continue to build, until the minimum amount is reached.

What Does Do For Its Share of the Commission?

  • Provide the web site and server space
  • Format the reviews so they are suitable for the Web
  • Add links to the appropriate vendors
  • Provide advertising for the site
  • Index the reviews so that they can be easily located
  • provide you with frequent reports on the sales attributed to you

What Can You Do To Increase Your Commission?
Since all reviewers share in the success of this site, you can increase your commissions simply by promoting this site. Let as many people know about this site as possible and, if you can, place a link to this site from your web page. Our reviews are also indexed by reviewer, so you can tell people to come to and check out your reviews!

How Do I Contribute My Reviews?
You contribute your reviews by filling out a simple web-based form, or by sending us email, whichever is more convenient for you.

I Want To Be A Reviewer. What Now?
It will take a matter of minutes to join. JOIN NOW.

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