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Those Who Hunt the Night

book reviewbook reviewbook review Book Review: Those Who Hunt the Night Author: Barbara Hambly
Genre: Horror, Thriller

Overall Rating: 3 Stars out of 4

Review by Suzdal
3 Stars out of 4

I was a bit surprised when someone recommended this to me, since I associated barbara Hambly's name with more traditional (dare I say generic) Fantasy. I figured it was simply a popular author's attempt to cash in on the goth/vampire fad. But it's actually a surprisingly original and entertaining thriller. The premise alone is intriguing: someone is killing the vampires of London by exposing them to sunlight while they rest. The vampires want it stopped but are helpess before a daylight stalker who seems to know too much about them. Enter James Asher, mild mannered professor and ex-secret agent. If he refuses to help them they'll kill his wife. But if he helps them is he any safer? The action is fast-paced and fun. Add in a decent mistery, some good characters (Ysidro is the most memorable vampire since Lestat) and a nice new explanation on the Vampiric Condition (every author has one, but Hambly's is quite good) and it adds up to a ripping good yarn. I ended up reading the last third of the book in one night. There's also a sequel, Traveling With the Dead, which I've heard is just as good or maybe better.

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