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There and Back Again

book reviewbook reviewbook reviewbook review Book Review: There and Back Again Author: Pat Murphy
Length: 320 pages
Genre: Science Fiction, Fantasy

Overall Rating: 3.5 Stars out of 4

Review by Suzdal
3½ Stars out of 4

Pat Murphy has been a favorite author of mine ever since I read The City, Not Long After (sadly out of print). Each of her books so far has been quite different from the last. A post-apocaliptic novel, a werewolf "western", a fantasy (Falling Woman) and now, with There and Back Again a Space Opera retelling of The Hobbit.

Obviously she's not predictable. And that's a good quality when you're retelling a well-known story in a new setting. And here she pulls it off beautifully. She doesn't just replace 'hobbit' with 'norbit' and leave it at that. At the same time that she keeps the story true to the original *and* stay within the stablished conventions of the good old fashioned Space Opera she manages keep it fresh and come up with dazzling new ideas and concepts. All that and good old story-telling, you want to know what happens next and are rewarded for your interest.

If you've read the Hobbit and you like spacefaring science fiction this is probably for you. Think Heinlen or Van Vogt with a good-humored modern flavor.

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