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The Hiding Place

book reviewbook reviewbook review Book Review: The Hiding Place Author: Corrie Ten Boom
Length: 221 pages
Genre: Inspirational

Overall Rating: 3 Stars out of 4

Review by Midniht
3 Stars out of 4

If you are a christian, a struggling christian or just like to read different kinds of books you will love this book.  The story of Corrie Ten Boom is full of love, triumph and tragedy, and overcoming the evil of the world during a time when you were persecuted for helping your friends and loved ones.  When you read this book be prepared to laugh, cry and at times, either be filled with anger and hatred or have to stop and praise or plead with god.  Please, please read this book! It is a great true life story that is worth every moment you are afraid you are "wasting".

Reader Feedback

My mother suggested to me, an eight grade student, that I read "The Hiding Place". I wasn't sure I'd enjoy the book because it was old and the cover torn, the pages creased-- yet I loved it. This book was about self-discipline, love, anger, forgiveness and related to all emotions felt through a lifetime, even though the cause may not be nearly dramatic. I just want to say that I feel this book should have a higher rating than 3 stars. It inspired me to read it again and again and make the most of every day. Even the part where Corrie sews red flowers to her pajamas got me into stitching beautiful, petaled flowers to my school bag to make it happier.    --Young Reader

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