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Ender's Shadow

book reviewbook reviewbook reviewbook review Book Review: Ender's Shadow Author: Orson Scott Card
Genre: Science Fiction

Overall Rating: 3.5 Stars out of 4

Review by CharlesP
3½ Stars out of 4

Ender's Shadow is a great new Book. In this book Orson Scott Card shows he still knows how to write.

Basically this book is a parallel novel the Nebula and Hugo winning Ender's Game. As in Ender's Game ES is about Ender a child genius who has to command the fleet that is going to destroy the Buggers, aliens who tried to invade earth twice. The main deference is the In ES the story is from the point of view of Bean not Ender. Bean, also a child genius, is a solider at battle school with Ender and you get to see the whole thing unfold from Bean's, sometimes clouded, his point of view.

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