“Evita” is a film that will most likely find itself among the best films of the year. Directed by Alan Parker it tells the story of Eva Duarte. A charismatic and beautiful film star, Eva Duarte rose from a humble background to become one of the most beloved faces of Argentina during the 1950’s. Her role as First Lady helped make her a name synonymous with beauty. She later went on to marry Argentinian President Salvador Allende who appointed her as the first lady of Chile. She remained in that position until the end of the military junta era.

Eva Duarte was a name that was well known to many Americans when they heard about her movie performance in “Evita”. The first lady was played by Barbara Streisand in the film but had other parts that were unforgettable such as Diego Maradona and Hugo Chavez. Director: Alan Parker “Evita” tells the story of Eva Duarte and her personal life. Parker created the film as a vehicle for the first lady to address social issues that were dominating the headlines at the time. It also helped make her famous.

The film did receive the best cinematography award at the 53rd Academy Awards but lost out to “Sneakers”. The movie that followed Evita was a box office hit which made the actress a celebrity overnight. She appeared in other movies after that winning four additional Oscar nominations. The original “Evita” also received four Golden Globe nominations but went home from the Oscars empty handed.

Evita was not only a best picture that was hailed as a great musical and character drama but it also hosted some interesting political and social political statements from Madonna which elevated her status even more. This lead to her being nominated for the Oscar for Best Original Song, but she ultimately lost out to Robin Williams for the same award. Evita became one of the biggest commercial successes in the history of the music industry and she was nominated again for the Oscars for her performance. Since then, Madonna has also been nominated for the Best Music Video, but has yet to win any of them.

Evita also featured an interesting political allegory where Evita is shown meeting a new political party, the New Argentina Party, which is ruled by another character from the film, Mario Puzo. The film somehow tries to depict the new political party as the representative of a new black and empowered people. The message seems to be that if you are black in America then you can rise to the top of the new political party. The New Argentina Party is ruled by Mario Puzo’s character, Nelson Mandela, and Puzo’s wife, Sharon.

The music for the film Evita was composed by Bach flower music, and the lyrics were written by Mario Moretti. Evita also featured a lot of different music styles, including classical Spanish music, Latin music, and pop. While the soundtrack does feature a number of music styles, it is not uncommon to hear the word “fiesta” or “yuumpo” in the lyrics. Yuumpo, which means “eat me” is the theme that are used throughout the entire song, and the lyrics are about how Peron’s character, Pablo, wants to eat everyone in sight, including the locals of Argentina.

The movie itself is quite long and can last for hours. During the first 30 minutes or so, you get a pretty good idea of what is going on. After that, the movie gets very suspenseful as the plot unfolds. You should definitely see the film if you like melodious, over the top motion picture musicals. As the main winning candidate for the Oscar for best original song, Mario Moretti probably would have been ecstatic to have had the chance to be involved in such an incredible project.

The song, “Basta! Tenerife” is my personal favorite on the soundtrack, and it features the lovely vocals of Madonna and dos Cano. The lyrics go, “Basta! Tenerife/Basta!


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