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Wild Wild West

movie reviewmovie review out of 4 Movie Review: Wild Wild West

Starring: Will Smith, Kevin Kline
Director: Barry Sonenfeld
Rated: PG-13
RunTime: 107 Minutes
Release Date: June 1999
Genres: Action, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Western, Comedy

*Also starring: Kenneth Branagh, Salma Hayek, Robert Conrad, Musetta Vander, Ted Levine

Review by DjBatman
3½ stars out of 4

A black sheriff called Jim West and played by former-"Prince of Bel Air" and ex-MIB Will Smith... Kevin Kline looking like a cheap 007 in 1800's United States of America; giant mechanical spiders and a lot of steam. If you're looking for a western movie you're in the wrong place. Instead, if you don't mind spending an hour and a half at the movies having fun with some of your friends and/or your family, watching a silly action-packed adventure into some kind of steampunk western place with (ahem) a huge dose of what they call "suspension of disbelief", you're definitely in the right place. Never mind about the soundtrack: it basically doesn't exist. During the movie you'll just hear a score that seems borrowed from a sequence of classic westerns; the end titles are accompained by Will Smith's rendition of Stevie Wonder's "I wish" (which is not bad but sounds a bit too "Puff Daddy-ish").

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