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Rules of Engagement

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Review by NickChopp
3½ stars out of 4

This movie didn't do so well with the critics, mainly because it seems that movies regarding the military are unpopular with our modern media. Loosely based on a true event, the residents of said country have decided that they don't much like having a US Embassy in their country. While all US Embassies are guarded by a small Marine detachment, the Marines already present obviously weren't enough to deter the rioting civilians. The President decides to dispatch an additional Marine unit to cover the evacuation of the Embassy. The Marines quickly take up positions on the roof of the Embassy in case things take a turn for the worst. Of course they do, and the Marines quickly come under fire from the civilans on the ground, and snipers armed with AK-47s on the roofs of surrounding buildings. The colonel in charge (Samuel L. Jackson), Colonel Terry Childers, after seeing his Marines going down, orders them to open fire. Being in an elevated position is one of the greatest advantages to a commander in combat, and the Marines were able to mow down the civilan crowd quite handily, killing ove! r 80 civilans. It takes a couple minutes more, but the highly tranied Marines are also able to take out most of the snipers on the other buildings. Upon returning, Colonel Childers is promptly put on trial for war crimes, and asks an old Marine buddy, Hays Hodges (Tommy Lee Jones) to defend him. The rest of the movie consists of Childers and Hodges trying to figure out exactly what happened in Yemen. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone interested in the military. If you liked A Few Good Men or Courage Under Fire, you can't go wrong with Rules of Engagement. I read a review by someone slamming this movie for portraying the Arabs/Yemens as "evil", and some such drivel. Why doesn't Hollywood portray the British or Italians as the evil people attacking the embassy? Maybe because the British and Italians are our allies, and don't attack us. Whereas the Arabs do. Go read some history. Might I suggest the book Black Hawk Down? While these are Somalies, they exhibit the ! same behavior as many Arab nations. (Using women and children as sheilds, etc.) All in all, an excellent movie.

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