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Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday

movie reviewmovie reviewvideo review out of 4 Movie Review: Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday

Starring: John LeMay, Kari Keegan
Director: Adam Marcus
Rated: R
RunTime: 88 Minutes
Release Date: August 1993
Genre: Horror

*Also starring: Erin Gray, Allison Smith, Steven Culp, Steven Williams, Kane Hodder, Richard Gant, Leslie Jordan, Billy Green Bush

Review by Ken
2½ stars out of 4

The producers pulled out all the stops in trying to make this final Friday movie the best of the lot. Well, I have to admit that the opening sequence was pretty cool. But then the writers had to bring in all this bullshit about how Jason is actually this demonic entity who survives by transferring his soul from one body to another; and that is why he's managed to survive for so many sequels. Many hardcore fans were outraged by this stupid explanation. Hell, I was outraged by it. The whole enigma of Jason is that he was this unstoppable killing machine that just could not be put down. But the producers had to go and mess it up by introducing a lame-ass supernatural element to it. Having said that, one has to admit that of all the Friday movies thus far, this one has the goriest make-up effects yet; as well as the highest number of nude shots ( including a very graphic sex scene) and one of the largest body counts ever. So yeah; even though it got screwed in the storyline department, it's still pretty entertaining in a senseless sort of a way. Also, the Freddy cameo appearance redeemed it somewhat.

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