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Deep Blue Sea

movie reviewmovie reviewvideo review out of 4

*Also starring: Samuel L. Jackson, LL Cool, Michael Rapaport, Wayne Knight

Review by SamC
3½ stars out of 4

Renny Harlin brings us this new Jaws copycat titled, "Deep Blue Sea."  A movie which from the start brings you thrilling shark attacks that will make you jump three feet out of your seat.  Deep Blue Sea is a copycat mix of Jurassic Park and Jaws.  Starting out with a scene of a couple drunk teenagers in the middle of the ocean where not far from them is a shark lurking in the waters, and stalking them (just like the beginning of one of the Jaws').  The movie also includes a hurricane that wipes through the Alcatrez type water facility that holds the deadly sharks( like the storm that wiped through Jurassic Park and let loose all the dinosaurs).   In this movie the unthinkable occurs around almost every corner.  but, the movie is highlighted by the funny role of LL Cool J.  Who draws the camera away from Samuel L. Jackson.  The movie does have it's thrillers and funny times.  But, I wish the  movie could have had more background instead of trying to jump right into the skark pit.  The movie isn't close to a Jaws, but it does make you want to think twice about stepping into the water.

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