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movie reviewmovie reviewmovie review out of 4 Movie Review: Bowfinger

Starring: Steve Martin, Eddy Murphy
Director: Frank Oz
Rated: PG-13
RunTime: 97 Minutes
Release Date: August 1999
Genre: Comedy

Review by Suzdal
3 stars out of 4

The teaming of Martin and Murphy should be much much funnier than it is, both are great comics who too often fall short of their potential. But still, this is a gently funny and entertaining comedy about the film industry and the people who love it. Murphy plays a small-time director who dreams of making it big. He's short on talent but that doesn't stop him from begging, borrowing and stealing who and what he needs to make his dreams come true. Murphy has a dual role as a big-shot Hollywood action star named Kit Ramsey, whom Murphy gets to star in his project without Kit's knowledge and as his simple minded brother who is conned into helping Murphy and his cohorts. Hijinks ensue, of course, and although here and there the fabric of the story wears little thin overall it moves along nicely as long as you take it very lightly. Also amusing is the backplot of a cult-like organization which Ramsey belongs to called MindHead (no points for guessing what that's a dig at).

Murphy is excellent in both his roles, but especially as the ultra-paranoid Kit Ramsey. Martin is good but basically plays one of his standard roles. Costarring are Heather Graham and Terence Stamp as the leader of MindHead.

There have been many, many movies about making movies. Not all of them good but I'll recommend a couple of recent small direct-to video flicks worth the rental at least: Tinseltown with Ron Perlman which is a comedy/thriller and Just Write with Jeremy Piven and Sherilyn Fenn, a nice little romantic comedy. For another take on the city of angels try L.A. Story also by Steve Martin. For a similar gentle look at a real-life small-time movie maker try Tim Burton's Ed Wood. Not only is it an excellent movie but comparing the two you can't help but marvel that truth really is stranger than fiction. For some far harsher but excellent looks at the movie industry I'd recommend The Player and Swimming With Sharks-but both are far far less gentle in their approach.

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