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Blade Runner

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*Also starring: Sean Young, Daryl Hannah, Edward James Olmos, Joanna Cassidy, Brion James, Joe Turkel, William Sanderson, M. Emmet Walsh

Review by AJD
4 stars out of 4

"Director's Cuts" usually are much different from the original film. Films like "JFK" and "American Pie" have had original cuts, with more elaborate characters or story lines. "American Pie" had to be cut for the nudity and content for an "R" rating. It's unrated cut contains more nudity, and contains "NC-17" content.

"Blade Runner" also has changed a lot from its original cut. Such as the changed "ride off into the sunset" ending. Plot: In the Nexus age, andriods called replicants must be killed off for becomming way too human. One who kills them, a Blade Runner, must track them down and question them. Symptoms of a replicant: pupils diolate at unnessicary times and vague emotions. A Blade Runner (Harrison Ford) is highered to finish off the remaining, but falls in love with a replicant.

Though the whole film seems like a well-done painting in production design, it lacks good, likable charachters. Another flaw, how could anybody find love in an andriod?! Loosly based on the book "Do Andriods Dream Of Electric Sheep?". Director Ridley Scott leaps onto a brand-new discovery in film making. You'll either love or hate this film. You'll fall in love with the surroundings, that may be a reason to see the "Director's cut", not the original. Great science fiction, but is not for kids.

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