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movie review out of 4 Movie Review: Blade

Starring: Wesley Snipes, Stephen Dorf
Director: Stephen Norrington
Rated: R
RunTime: 121 Minutes
Release Date: August 1998
Genres: Horror, Action, Thriller

*Also starring: Kris Kristofferson, N'Bushe Wright, Donal Logue, Udo Kier, Traci Lords

Review by Ravena Kaiou
½ star out of 4

Thirty years ago, a vampire attack victim gave birth to a vampire-human hybrid. Now this hybrid child, known only as Blade, seeks revenge for the death of his mother through the killing of other vampires in the world, aided by his hematologist love interest and his good friend Whistler.

While it may have been based on the Marvel comic series of the same title, Blade is definitely not a movie to let your children see. In fact, the whole movie barely ventures beyond a weak excuse for senseless bloodbaths. The only positive point of the movie would have to be the special effects, such as when the movie's hero, Blade (portrayed by Wesley Snipes), drove silver stakes through the hearts of each vampire and the bodies disintegrated away through the use of spectacular computer effects.

The worst parts of the movie are numerous, but the two main ones are the violence and the entire plot, or lack thereof. Several scenes, for example, the opening scene in which an unsuspecting human victim is lured into a vampiric rave, were not vital to the plot and could have been cut out anyway. Who really wants to see a bunch of vampires dancing their way through a torrent of blood that rains down from the fire sprinklers? In fact, the violence was partially responsible for the incredibly poorly thought out plot, which was nothing more than a Buffy-meets-The Matrix waste of scripting abilities. Besides incoherent dialogue, the only thing in it is a string of profanities and bloody gushers that come erupting out of the bodies of the unfortunate vampires.

Because the movie was so poorly made, it's really difficult to pick out the strong actors. In fact, I sincerely doubt that there were any. Perhaps it's just because of the lack of intelligence in Blade, but even after watching the movie three times I couldn't find anyone who did a decent acting job.

The poorest actors were, by far, Wesley Snipes and N'Bushe Wright. Snipes greatly overacted in his role as Blade, but at times he also underacted. The attitude that he gave his character was brilliant, although it seemed to be unnecessary and quite forced at certain points of the movie. I felt that N'Bushe Wright simply overacted from the very beginning.

Would I recommend this movie to my family or friends? Definitely not, unless I wanted them to be bored out of their skulls. This movie seemed to only employ the "stuff blowed up real good" mentality, and proved to be a most unenjoyable experience. No one under the age of 17 should be permitted to see this, then again, who in their right mind would want to?

Copyright 2001 Ravena Kaiou

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