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Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere EveryoneDriving PS1
Cool Boarders 2001 EveryoneSports, Snowboarding PS1, PS2
Crash Bash Everyone PS1
Cruis'n Exotica EveryoneDriving N64, Game Boy
Cyber Tiger EveryoneSports, Golf PS1, N64
D2 MatureAdventure Dreamcast
Flag to Flag EveryoneRacing Dreamcast
Grind Session EveryoneSports, Skateboarding PS1
Hey You, Pikachu EveryonePuzzle, Kids N64
Knockout Kings 2000 TeenSports, Boxing PS1, N64
Maken X MatureAdventure Dreamcast
Mary-Kate & Ashley Pocket Planner EveryoneNon-Game Game Boy
Milo's Astro Lanes EveryoneSports, Bowling N64
MTV Sports: Skateboarding EveryoneSports, Skateboarding Dreamcast, PS1, PC, Game Boy
NBA Jam 2001 EveryoneSports, Basketball Game Boy
NCAA Final Four 2000 EveryoneSports, Basketball PS1
Penny Racers EveryoneRacing N64
Rampage 2: Universal Tour TeenAction PS1, N64
Road Rash EveryoneRacing Game Boy, PS1
Roll Away EveryoneAction, Puzzle PS1
Rugrats Scavenger Hunt EveryoneBoard Game N64
Silent Hill MatureAdventure PS1
Silver TeenRole-Playing Dreamcast, PC
Spawn MatureAction Dreamcast
Star Trek Invasion EveryoneAction PS1
Supercross 2000 EveryoneRacing, Motocross PS1, N64
Supercross Circuit EveryoneRacing PS1
Superman EveryoneAction N64
Surf Riders EveryoneSports, Surfing PS1
Tee Off EveryoneSports, Golf Dreamcast
Test Drive 6 EveryoneDriving Dreamcast, PS1, Game Boy, PC
Trick'n Snowboarder EveryoneSports, Snowboarding PS1
Urban Chaos MatureAdventure PS1, Dreamcast, PC
X-Men Mutant Academy TeenAction PS1, Game Boy
Zombie Revenge MatureAction Dreamcast

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