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S.W.A.T. PG-13Action, Thriller2003
Sabrina NRClassic, Drama, Comedy, Romance1954
Sabrina PGRomance, Comedy, Drama1995
Safety Of Objects, The RDrama2003
Saint, The PG-13Action, Suspense1997
Salton Sea, The 2 RSuspense2002
Sands Of Iwo Jima NRAction, War, Classic1950
Santa Clause 2, The GComedy, Kids, Christmas2002
Save the Last Dance 2 PG-13Drama, Romance2001
Saved! 3 PG-13Comedy, Drama2004
Saving Private Ryan 4 RWar, Action, Drama1998
Saving Silverman PG-13Comedy2001
Saw RHorror, Suspense2004
Say It Isn't So 2 RComedy, Romance2001
Scarlet Letter, The 1 RAction, Drama, Romance1995
Scarlet Street 3 NRAction, Classic, Drama1945
Scary Movie 2 RComedy, Horror2001
Scary Movie 3 PG-13Comedy, Horror2003
Scary Movie 2 RComedy, Horror2000
Scent of a Woman 4 RComedy, Drama1992
Schindler's List RAction, Drama, War, Classic1993
School Of Rock PG-13COmedy, Music2003
Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed PGComedy, Family, Kids2004
Scooby-Doo 1 PGComedy, Suspense2002
Score, The RDrama, Suspense2001
Scorned 1 NRErotica, Suspense1993
Scorpion King, The PG-13Action, Sci-Fi/Fantasy2002
Scream 2 RHorror, Suspense1997
Scream 3 RHorror2000
Scream RHorror, Suspense1996
Screwed 0 PG-13Comedy2000
Seabiscuit 3 PG-13Drama2003
Search and Destroy 1 RComedy1995
Searchers, The 3 NRAction, Drama, Western, Classic1956
Searching for Bobby Fischer 3 PGDrama, Family1993
Second Best PG-13Drama1994
Secondhand Lions PGComedy, Drama, Family2003
Secret Lives Of Dentists, The 3 RDrama2003
Secret of Roan Inish, The 3 PGDrama, Family, Kids, Sci-Fi/Fantasy1995
Secrets & Lies 3 NRDrama1996
See Spot Run 2 PGKids, Comedy2001
Seed Of Chucky RHorror, Comedy2004
Sense and Sensibility 3 PGComedy, Drama, Romance1995
Serendipity 3 PG-13Comedy, Romance2001
Serial Mom RComedy, Cult, Horror1994
Serpico 3 RClassic, Action, Drama1973
Serving Sara PG-13Comedy, Romance2002
Seven Days In May 3 NRClassic, Drama, Mystery1964
Seven Samurai 4 NRClassic, Action, Foreign1956
Seven Years in Tibet PG-13Action, Drama1997
Seven 3 RDrama, Noir, Suspense1995
Sex and Lucia NRRomance, Erotica2002
Sex, Lies, and Videotape 3 RClassic, Comedy, Drama1989
Sexy Beast 3 RComedy, Drama, Suspense2001
Sgt. Bilko 2 PGComedy1996
Shadow Conspiracy ½ RAction, Suspense1997
Shadow Magic PGDrama, Foreign2001
Shadow of the Vampire 3 RDrama, Horror2001
Shadow, The 1 PG-13Action, Mystery, Suspense1994
Shadowlands PGDrama, Romance1994
Shaft 3 RAction, Cult, Suspense1971
Shaft RAction, Drama2000
Shakespeare in Love 4 RComedy, Romance1998
Shall We Dance 2 PG-13Music, Romance2004
Shallow Grave RSuspense, Drama, Mystery1995
Shallow Hal 2 PG-13Comedy2001
Shanghai Ghetto NRDocumentary2002
Shanghai Knights 3 PG-13Action, Comedy, Martial-Arts, Western2003
Shanghai Noon 3 PG-13Action, Comedy, Martial Arts2000
Shape Of Things, The 3 RDrama2003
Shark Tale 2 PGAnimation, Family2004
Shattered Glass 3 PG-13Drama2003
Shaun Of The Dead 2 RHorror, Comedy2004
Shawshank Redemption, The 3 RDrama1994
She's the One RComedy, Romance1996
Shiloh 3 PGDrama, Family, Kids1997
Shiner RDrama, Suspense2000
Shining, The 4 RDrama, Horror, Mystery1980
Shipping News, The 2 RDrama2002
Shooting Fish 2 PGComedy, Romance, Suspense1998
Short Cuts 3 RDrama1993
Showtime PG-13Action, Comedy2002
Shrek 2 PGAnimation, Comedy, Kids, Family2004
Shrek PGAnimation, Comedy, Sci-Fi/Fantasy2001
Sidewalks of New York 2 RComedy, Romance2001
Sideways 3 RComedy, Drama2004
Siege, The 2 RAction, Drama, Suspense, Thriller1998
Signs 3 PG-13Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Suspense2002
Silence Of The Lambs, The 4 RClassic, Horror, Suspense1991
Silent Fall RDrama, Mystery, Suspense1994
Silent Running 4 GSci-Fi/Fantasy, Drama, Action, Cult1971
Simon Birch 3 PGDrama1998
Simone 3 PG-13Comedy, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Drama2002
Simple Plan, A 3 RThriller1998
Simple Twist of Fate, A 3 PG-13Comedy, Drama1994
Simply Irresistible 2 PG-13Comedy, Romance1999
Sinbad: Legend of The Seven Seas PGAnimation, Kids, Family2003
Singin' In The Rain 4 GClassic, Music, Comedy, Romance1952
Sirens 3 RComedy, Drama1994
Six Days Seven Nights PG-13Action, Romance1998
Six Degrees of Separation RComedy, Drama1993
Sixth Sense, The PG-13Horror1999
Skulls, The ½ PG-13Suspense2000
Sky Captain and the World of Tommorrow PGSci-Fi/Fantasy, Action2004
Slackers 1 RComedy2002
Slap Her, She's French 3 PG-13Comedy2002
Slap Shot 2: Breaking The Ice 2 RComedy2002
Slaughter Of The Innocents 1 RMystery, Suspense1993
Sleepers RDrama, Suspense1996
Sleeper PGComedy, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Classic1973
Sleepover 2 PGComedy, Kids, Family2004
Sleepy Hollow 3 RHorror1999
Sling Blade 3 RDrama1996
Small Soldiers 2 PG-13Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Action, Comedy1998
Small Time Crooks 3 PGComedy2000
Smillas Sense of Snow 2 RDrama, Suspense1997
Smoke 3 RComedy, Drama, Independent1995
Smooth Talk 4 PG-13Drama1986
Snake Eyes RSuspense, Thriller1998
Snatch RComedy, Crime, Suspense2001
Snow Dogs PGComedy, Drama, Kids2002
Snow Falling on Cedars 3 PG-13Drama, Suspense1999
Solaris 2 PG-13Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Suspense2002
Soldier ½ RAction, Sci-Fi/Fantasy1998
Some Like It Hot 3 NRClassic, Comedy, Music1959
Someone Like You 3 PG-13Comedy, Romance2001
Something To Talk About ½ RComedy, Romance, Drama1995
Something's Gotta Give PG-13Comedy, Romance2003
Songcatcher PG-13Drama, Music2000
Sophie's Choice 3 RClassic, Drama1982
Sorority Boys 2 RComedy2002
Soul Plane 1 RComedy2004
Soul Survivors 2 PG-13Horror, Suspense2001
Sound of Music, The GClassic, Drama, Music, Romance1965
South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut 3 RAnimation, Comedy1999
Soylent Green 3 PGAction, Cult, Sci-Fi/Fantasy1973
Space Cowboys 3 PG-13Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Action2000
Space Jam 3 PGAnimation, Family, Kids1996
Space Truckers 1 PG-13Sci-Fi/Fantasy1997
Spanish Prisoner PGDrama, Suspense, Mystery1998
Spanking the Monkey 3 NRComedy, Cult, Drama1995
Spartacus 2 PG-13Classic, Action, Drama1960
Spawn 2 PG-13Action, Sci-Fi/Fantasy1997
Specialist, The 1 RAction, Drama, Suspense1994
Species II ½ RSci-Fi/Fantasy1998
Species 2 RAction, Horror, Sci-Fi/Fantasy1995
Speechless 1 PG-13Comedy, Romance1994
Speed 3 RAction1994
Spellbound NRClassic, Drama, Mystery, Suspense1945
Sphere PG-13Action, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Suspense, Thriller1998
Spice World PGComedy, Music1998
Spider-Man 2 PG-13Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Action2004
Spider-Man 3 PG-13Action, Sci-Fi/Fantasy2002
Spider 2 RDrama, Suspense2003
Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron GAnimation, Kids2002
Spirited Away 4 PGAnimation, Kids2002
Spitfire Grill, The 2 PG-13Drama1996
SpongeBob Squarepants Movie, The PGAnimation, Kids, Comedy, Family2004
Spun 2 RComedy, Drama2003
Spy Game 2 RAction, Suspense, Thriller2001
Spy Kids 2: The Island Of Lost Dreams PGAction, Kids, Comedy2002
Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over PGAction, Comedy, Kids2003
Spy Kids 3 PGAction, Kids2001
Spy Who Loved Me, The 3 PG007, Action, Suspense1977
St. Elmo's Fire 2 RDrama1985
Stalingrad 3 NRDrama, Foreign, War1993
Standing In The Shadows 3 PGDocumentary, Music2002
Star Kid 3 PGAction, Family, Kids, Sci-Fi/Fantasy1997
Star Trek: First Contact PG-13Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Action1996
Star Trek: Generations 2 PGAction, Sci-Fi/Fantasy1994
Star Trek: Insurrection 2 PGSci-Fi/Fantasy, Action1998
Star Trek: Nemesis 2 PG-13Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Action2002
Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace 3 PGAction, Sci-Fi/Fantasy1999
Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones PGSci-Fi/Fantasy, Action2002
Star Wars 4 PGSci-Fi/Fantasy, Action, Classic1977
Stargate 2 PG-13Action, Sci-Fi/Fantasy1994
Starship Trooper 2 RSci-Fi/Fantasy, War, Action1997
Starsky and Hutch PG-13Action, Comedy2004 RDocumentary2001
State and Main RComedy2001
Station Agent, The 3 RDrama2003
Steal This Movie! 3 RComedy, Drama2000
Stealing Beauty RDrama, Romance1996
Stealing Harvard 1 PG-13Comedy2002
Step Into Liquid 3 NRDocumentary, Sports2003
Stepford Wives, The 2 PG-13Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Comedy, Suspense2004
Stepmom 3 PG-13Drama1998
Stigmata 2 RDrama, Horror, Religion, Thriller1999
Stir of Echoes 3 RHorror, Suspense, Thriller1999
Story of Us 2 RComedy, Drama1999
Storytelling RComedy, Drama2001
Striking Distance RAction, Mystery1993
Stripes 1 RComedy1981
Striptease 1 RDrama, Erotica1996
Stuart Little II PGComedy, Kids2002
Stuart Little PGKids, Comedy1999
Stuck On You PG-13Comedy2003
Substitute, The RAction, Drama, Suspense1996
Sudden Death 2 RAction, Martial Arts1995
Sudden Impact 3 RAction, Suspense1993
Sugar & Spice PG-13Comedy2001
Suicide Kings 3 RComedy, Drama, Mystery, Suspense1998
Sum Of All Fears, The 3 PG-13Action, Suspense2002
Summer Catch 2 PG-13Comedy, Romance2001
Summer of Sam RDrama, Suspense1999
Sunset Park RComedy, Drama1996
Sunshine State PG-13Drama2002
Super Size Me 3 NRDocumentary2004
Super Troopers 1 RComedy2002
Supernova 1 PG-13Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Action2000
Superstar PG-13Comedy1999
Surviving Christmas 2 PG-13Christmas, Comedy, Romance2004
Surviving Picasso 1 RDrama, Romance1996
Suspect Zero RMystery, Suspense, Thriller2004
Suspect 2 RMystery, Suspense1987
Sweet Hereafter, The 4 RDrama1997
Sweet Home Alabama PG-13Comedy, Romance2002
Sweet November 2 PG-13Drama, Romance2001
Sweetest Thing, The 2 RComedy2002
Swept Away 1 RRomance2002
Swimfan 2 PG-13Horror, Suspense2002
Swimming Pool 3 RDrama, Thriller, French2003
Swiss Family Robinson, The GDrama, Family, Kids1960
Switchback 2 RSuspense, Thriller1997
Swordfish 3 RAction, Suspense2001
Sylvia 3 RDrama, Romance2003
Synthetic Pleasures NRDocumentary1996

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