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Rabbit-Proof Fence 3 PGDrama2002
Radioland Murders 2 PGComedy, Mystery, Suspense1994
Radio 3 PGComedy, Drama2003
Rage: Carrie 2, The 1 RHorror1999
Raging Bull RClassic, Drama1980
Rainmaker, The PG-13Drama, Suspense1997
Rain 3 NRDrama2002
Raising Helen PG-13Comedy, Romance2004
Random Hearts 2 RDrama, Romance1999
Ransom RDrama, Suspense1996
Rashomon 3 NRClassic, Foreign, Drama1951
Rat Race PG-13Action, Comedy2001
Ratcatcher 1 NRDrama2000
Ravenous 2 RComedy, Horror, Suspense1999
Ray 3 PG-13Music, Drama2004
Ready to Rumble 1 PG-13Comedy, Sports2000
Real Cancun, The RDocumentary2003
Real Women Have Curves PG-13Drama2002
Rear Window 4 PGDrama, Mystery, Suspense, Classic1954
Rebel Without a Cause NRClassic, Cult, Drama1955
Recess: School's Out GAnimation, Kids2001
Recruit, The PG-13Action, Suspense2003
Red Corner 2 RDrama, Suspense1997
Red Dragon 3 RDrama, Suspense, Horror2002
Red Heat 2 RAction1988
Red Planet PG-13Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Thriller2000
Red Violin, The 3 NRDrama, Foreign, Music1999
Reds PGClassic, Drama, Romance1981
Ref, The 2 RComedy1994
Reign Of Fire PG-13Action, Sci-Fi/Fantasy2002
Reindeer Games RSuspense2000
Relic, The 0 RHorror, Suspense1997
Remains of the Day PGDrama, Romance1993
Remember the Titans 3 PGDrama, Sports2000
Renaissance Man 2 PG-13Comedy1994
Replacements, The 2 PG-13Comedy, Sports2000
Requiem for a Dream 4 NRDrama2000
Reservoir Dogs 3 RAction, Drama, Suspense1992
Resident Evil: Apocalypse 1 RSci-Fi/Fantasy, Action, Horror2004
Resident Evil 1 RAction, Horror, Sci-Fi/Fantasy2002
Respiro PG-13Drama, Foreign, Italian2003
Return of the Jedi 3 PGSci-Fi/Fantasy, Action, Classic1983
Return to Me 2 PGComedy, Romance2000
Return to Never Land GAnimation, Kids2002
Richard III RDrama1995
Richie Rich PGComedy, Kids, Family1994
Riding In Cars with Boys PG-13Drama2001
Right Stuff, The 4 PGAction, Drama1983
Ring, The 3 PG-13Horror, Mystery2002
Ringmaster 1 RComedy1998
Road to El Dorado, The PGAction, Animation, Kids2000
Road To Perdition RDrama2002
Road To Wellville, The 2 RComedy1994
Road Trip 2 RComedy2000
Rob Roy 3 RAction, Drama, Romance, Suspense1995
Robocop 4 RAction, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Cult1987
Rock Star RComedy, Drama, Music2001
Rock, The 3 RAction, Suspense1996
Rockula 2 PG-13Comedy, Music, Cult1990
Roger Dodger 3 RComedy, Drama2002
Rollerball ½ PG-13Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Action, Sports2002
Romancing The Stone 2 PGAction, Comedy, Romance1984
Romeo Must Die RMartial Arts, Action2000
Ronin 3 RAction, Suspense, Thriller1998
Rookie, The GSports, Drama2002
Rosewood RAction, Drama1997
Rounders 3 RDrama, Suspense1998
Royal Tenenbaums, The RComedy2001
Rugrats Go Wild 2 PGAnimation, Kids, Comedy2003
Rugrats in Paris: The Movie GAnimation, Kids2000
Rugrats Movie, The GKids, Animation1999
Rules of Attraction, The RDrama, Erotica2002
Rules of Engagement 3 RDrama, War2000
Run of the Country, The RDrama, Romance1995
Runaway Bride PGRomance, Comedy1999
Runaway Jury 3 PG-13Drama, Thriller2003
Rundown, The 2 RAction, Comedy2003
Rush Hour 2 PG-13Action, Comedy2001
Rush Hour PG-13Action, Comedy, Martial Arts1998

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