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Paid In Full RAction, Drama2002
Pallbearer, The 2 PG-13Comedy, Romance1996
Palmetto 2 RNoir, Suspense1998
Panic Room RSuspense2002
Paper Moon PGComedy, Drama1973
Paper, The 3 RDrama1994
Parent Trap, The PGKids, Family1998
Passion of Mind PG-13Romance2000
Passion of the Christ 3 RDrama, Religion2004
Past Perfect ½ RAction1996
Patch Adams 2 PG-13Comedy, Drama1998
Patriot, The PG-13Action, Drama, War2000
Patton 4 PGClassic, Action, Drama, War1970
Paulie PGComedy, Family, Kids1998
Pauline and Paulette --- PGDrama, Foreign2002
Pay it Forward PG-13Drama2000
Payback RSuspense, Thriller1999
Paycheck PG-13Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Action2003
Peacemaker, The RAction, Suspense, Thriller1997
Pearl Harbor 2 PG-13Action, Drama, War, Romance2001
Pecker 3 RComedy1998
People vs. Larry Flynt RDrama1996
Perfect Murder, A RSuspense, Thriller, Drama1998
Perfect Score, The PG-13Comedy2004
Perfect Storm, The 2 PGAction, Drama2000
Perfect World, A 2 PG-13Drama, Suspense1993
Permanent Midnight 2 RDrama1998
Personal Best RDrama, Gay/Lesbian, Romance1982
Personal Velocity RDrama2002
Persons Unknown NRMystery1996
Persuasion 4 PGDrama, Romance1995
Pet Sematary 2 RHorror1989
Peter Pan PGFamily, Kids, Action2003
Phantasm 4: Oblivion 2 RHorror, Cult1998
Phantom, The PGAction1996
Phenomenon PGDrama, Romance, Sci-Fi/Fantasy1996
Philadelphia PG-13Drama, Gay-Lesbian1994
Phone Booth RSuspense2003
Pianist, The RDrama, War2002
Piano, The RDrama, Romance1993
Picture Bride PG-13Drama, Foreign1995
Picture Perfect 3 PG-13Comedy, Romance1997
Pieces Of April 3 PG-13Comedy, Drama2003
Piglet's Big Movie GAnimation, Kids2003
Pink Panther, The --- NRComedy1964
Pinocchio 4 GAnimation, Classic, Kids1940
Pinocchio 0 GForeign, Kids2002
Pirates Of The Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl PG-13Action, Mystery2003
Pitch Black 1 RHorror, Sci-Fi/Fantasy2000
Planet of the Apes 2 PG-13Action, Sci-Fi-Fantasy2001
Planet of the Apes 2 GSci-Fi/Fantasy, Classic, Cult, Action1968
Plato's Run 1 RAction1998
Play it to the Bone 1 RComedy, Sports2000
Playing By Heart RDrama, Romance1999
Playing God 1 RAction, Suspense, Thriller1997
Pleasantville 3 PG-13Comedy, Sci-Fi/Fantasy1998
Pledge, The RDrama, Suspense2001
Pocahontas GAnimation, Family, Kids1995
Point Blank 3 NRAction, Drama, Suspense1967
Pokemon 4Ever 2 GAnimation, Kids2002
Pokemon: The First Movie 2 GAnimation, Kids1999
Polar Express, The GAnimation, Kids, Family, Christmas2004
Polish Wedding 1 PG-13Comedy, Drama, Romance1998
Pootie Tang 1 PG-13Comedy2001
Poseidon Adventure, The PGAction, Drama, Suspense1972
Possession 3 PG-13Drama, Romance2002
Postman, The RAction, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Drama1997
Powder PG-13Drama, Sci-Fi/Fantasy1995
Powerpuff Girls Movie, The PGAnimation, Kids2002
Practical Magic 2 PG-13Comedy, Romance1998
Pretty Woman RComedy, Romance1990
Priest RDrama, Gay/Lesbian1995
Primal Fear 3 RDrama, Mystery, Suspense1996
Primary Colors RComedy, Drama1998
Prince & Me, The PGComedy, Romance2004
Prince of Darkness 3 RHorror1987
Prince of Egypt 4 PGAnimation, Kids, Music1998
Prince Of The City 3 RAction, Drama, Mystery1981
Princess Caraboo 3 PGComedy, Drama, Romance1994
Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement GComedy, Family, Kids2004
Princess Diaries, The GComedy2001
Private Parts RComedy1997
Producers, The 3 NRComedy, Classic, Cult1968
Promises --- NRDocumentary2001
Proof of Life 2 RAction, Romance, Suspense2000
Psycho Bach Party 3 PG-13Comedy2000
Psycho 3 RClassic, Drama, Horror, Suspense1960
Psycho 2 RSuspense, Thriller1998
Pulp Fiction 4 RAction, Drama, Suspense, Independent1994
Pumpkin RComedy, Drama, Romance2002
Punch-Drunk Love 3 RComedy, Romance2002
Punisher, The 2 RAction, Sci-Fi/Fantasy2004
Purple Rose of Cairo PGComedy, Classic, Romance1985
Pushing Tin RComedy1999

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