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Galaxy Quest 3 PGComedy, Sci-Fi/Fantasy1999
Game, The 3 RMystery, Suspense, Thriller, Drama1997
Gandhi PGClassic, Drama1982
Gangs of New York 3 RAction, Drama2002
Garden State RDrama, Romance2004
Garfield: The Movie PGFamily, Kids, Comedy2004
Gattaca 3 PG-13Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Drama, Suspense1997
General's Daughter, The RThriller1999
George of the Jungle 1 PGComedy, Family, Kids1997
George Washington 1 NRDrama2000
Germinal 3 RDrama, Foreign1994
Geronimo: An American Legend PG-13 Action, Drama, Western1993
Gerry RDrama2003
Get Carter RAction, Suspense2000
Get on the Bus RDrama1996
Get Over It 2 PG-13Comedy, Romance2001
Get Shorty RComedy, Suspense1995
Getaway, The 3 PGClassic, Action, Suspense1972
Gettysburg PGAction, Drama, War1993
Ghost and the Darkness, The 2 RAction1996
Ghost Ship 2 RHorror, Suspense2002
Ghost World 3 RDrama2001
Ghostbusters 3 PGComedy, Sci-Fi/Fantasy1984
Ghosts of Mars 1 RAction, Horror, Sci-Fi/Fantasy2001
Ghost 4 PG-13Romance, Comedy, Drama1990
Gift, The 3 RSuspense, Thriller2001
Gigi GClassic, Drama, Music1958
Gigli RAction, Comedy, Drama2003
Gingerbread Man, The RDrama, Suspense, Thriller1998
Girl With a Pearl Earring PG-13Drama2004
Girl, Interrupted RDrama2000
Girlfight NRDrama, Sports2000
Girls Town ½ RDrama1996
Gladiator RAction, Drama2000
Glass House, The PG-13Suspense, Thriller2001
Glengarry Glen Ross 3 RDrama1992
Glitter 1 PG-13Drama, Music, Romance2001
Gloria RDrama, Suspense1999
Godfather, Part II, The 4 RCrime, Action, Drama, Classic1974
Godfather, The 4 RClassic, Crime, Drama, Action1972
Gods and Generals PG-13Action, Drama, War2003
Gods and Monsters RDrama, Independent, Gay/Lesbian1998
Godzilla 2000 PGSci-Fi/Fantasy, Cult2000
Godzilla 2 PG-13Action, Sci-Fi/Fantasy1998
GoldenEye PG-13007, Action, Suspense1995
Goldfinger 4 PG007, Action, Suspense, Classic1964
Gone in 60 Seconds PG-13Action, Suspense2000
Gone with the Wind GClassic, Drama, Romance1939
Good Boy! PGComedy, Kids, Sci-Fi/Fantasy2003
Good Burger PGComedy, Kids1997
Good Girl, The RComedy, Romance2002
Good Man In Africa, A 1 RComedy, Drama1994
Good Thief, The RDrama, Suspense, Thriller2003
Good Will Hunting RDrama, Romance1997
Goodfellas 4 RCrime, Action, Drama, Classic1990
Goofy Movie, A GAnimation, Comedy, Family, Kids1995
Gosford Park RComedy, Drama, Suspense2002
Gossip RDrama, Suspense2000
Gothika 2 RHorror, Suspense, Mystery2003
Governess 2 RDrama, Romance1998
Go 3 RComedy, Suspense1999
Graduate, The 3 PGClassic, Comedy, Drama1967
Grand Canyon 4 RDrama1992
Grapes of Wrath, The NRDrama, Classic1940
Grease PGClassic, Comedy, Romance, Music1978
Great White Hype, The 1 RComedy1996
Green Dragon 3 PG-13Foreign2002
Green Mile, The RDrama1999
Grey Zone, The RDrama2002
Grind 1 PG-13Action, Comedy, Sports2003
Groove 1 RComedy, Drama, Music2000
Grosse Pointe Blank 2 RAction, Comedy1997
Groundhog Day 3 PGComedy, Romance1993
Grudge, The 2 PG-13Horror, Drama, Thriller2004
Grumpy Old Men PG-13Comedy1993
Gumby: The Movie ½ GAnimation, Comedy, Kids1995
Guns Of Navarone, The 2 NRAction, Suspense, War1961
Guru, The 2 RComedy2003
Guy Thing, A PG-13Comedy, Romance2003

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