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Face/Off 3 RAction, Suspense, Thriller1997
Faculty, The 3 RAction, Horror, Sci-Fi/Fantasy1998
Fahrenheit 451 3 NRForeign, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Romance1966
Fahrenheit 9/11 3 RDocumentary2004
Fallen RHorror, Suspense, Thriller1998
Falling Down RAction, Drama1993
Family Man, The PG-13Comedy2000
Family Thing, A 3 PG-13Comedy, Drama1996
Fantasia 2000 GAnimation, Kids, Music1999
Far From heaven PG-13Drama2002
Fargo RComedy, Drama, Suspense, Independent1996
Fast and the Furious, The PG-13Action, Suspense2001
Fast Times at Ridgemont High 3 RComedy1992
Father of the Bride Part II PGComedy, Romance1995
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas 2 RComedy, Drama1998
FearDotCom RHorror, Suspense2002
Fearless 2 RDrama1993
Fear RDrama, Mystery, Suspense1996
Feast of July RDrama1995
Feds 1 PG-13Comedy1988
Feeling Minnesota 1 RComedy, Drama, Romance1996
Femme Fatale RSuspense2002
Fierce Creatures PG-13Comedy1997
Fifth Element, The PG-13Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Action, Cult1997
Fight Club 3 RDrama1999
Fighting Temptations, The PG-13Comedy, Music2003
Filth and the Fury, The 3 NRMusic, Documentary2000
Final Destination 2 2 RHorror, Suspense2003
Final Destination RHorror2000
Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within 3 PG-13Action, Animation, Sci-Fi/Fantasy2001
Finding Forrester PG-13Drama2000
Finding Nemo 3 GAnimation, Comedy, Kids2003
Finding Neverland PGDrama2004
Firestorm ½ RAction1998
Firm, The RDrama, Suspense1993
First Daughter 1 PGComedy, Romance2004
First Kid PGComedy, Family, Kids1996
First Wives Club PGComedy1996
Fish Called Wanda 2 RComedy, Suspense1988
Fisher King, The 0 RDrama1991
Five Senses RDrama2000
Flawless RDrama1999
Fled RAction, Drama, Suspense1996
Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas, The PGComedy2000
Flintstones, The 1 PGComedy1994
Flipper 1 PGFamily, Kids1996
Flirting With Disaster RComedy, Drama1996
Focus PG-13Drama2001
Fog Of War PG-13Documentary2004
For Your Eyes Only PG007, Action, Suspense1981
Forbidden Planet GSci-Fi/Fantasy, Classic, Cult1956
Forces of Nature PG-13Comedy, Romance1999
Forget Paris PG-13Comedy, Romance1995
Formula 51 2 RAction, Suspense2002
Forrest Gump PG-13Comedy, Drama1994
Forsaken, The 1 RHorror2001
Fort Apache 3 NRAction, Classic, Western1948
Fortress ½ RAction, Sci-Fi/Fantasy1993
Four Feathers, The 2 PG-13Action, Drama2002
Four Rooms RComedy, Drama, Horror1995
Four Weddings and a Funeral 3 RComedy, Drama, Romance1994
Fox and the Hound, The 2 GAnimation, Kids1981
Frailty RDrama, Suspense, Thriller2002
Frankenstein NRHorror, Classic1931
Freaky Friday PGComedy, Kids, Family2003
Freddy Got Fingered 1 RComedy2001
Freddy Vs. Jason 2 RHorror2003
Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare RHorror1991
Free Willy 2: The Adventure Home 1 PGFamily, Kids1995
Freeway 4 RCult, Drama, Suspense1996
French Connection, The RAction, Drama, Suspense, Classic1971
French Kiss 3 PG-13Comedy, Romance1995
Frequency 3 PG-13Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Suspense2000
Friday After Next 1 RComedy2002
Friday Night Lights 3 PG-13Drama, Sports2004
Friday the 13th, Part 1 RHorror1980
Friday the 13th, Part 2 RHorror1981
Friday the 13th, Part 3 RHorror1982
Friday the 13th, Part 4: The Final Chapter RHorror1984
Frida 3 RDrama2002
From Dusk Till Dawn 3 RAction, Horror, Suspense1996
From Hell RHorror, Suspense2001
From Here To Eternity NRClassic, Drama, War1953
From Justin To Kelly 1 PGComedy, Music2003
From Russia With Love 3 PG007, Action, Suspense, Classic1964
Full Frontal RComedy, Drama2002
Full Monty, The 3 RComedy1997

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