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Babe 3 GKids, Family, Comedy1995
Baby Boy RDrama2001
Baby Geniuses PGComedy, Family, Kids, Christmas1999
Babyfever 2 RComedy, Drama1994
Back To The Beach 3 PGComedy, Music1987
Back To The Future Part 3 PGAction, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Western1990
Back To The Future Part II PGAction, Comedy, Sci-Fi/Fantasy1989
Back To The Future PGAction, Comedy, Sci-Fi/Fantasy1985
Backbeat 1 RDrama, Music, Romance1994
Bad Boys II RAction, Comedy2003
Bad Company 2 PG-13Action, Comedy, Suspense2002
Bad Lieutenant 2 NC-17Cult, Drama1992
Bad Santa 3 RComedy, Christmas2003
Badlands 4 PGDrama, Romance, Suspense1974
Bait 1 RComedy, Action2000
Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever ½ RAction, Suspense2002
Balto GAnimation, Kids1995
Bamboozled RComedy2000
Bandits PG-13Action, Comedy, Suspense2001
Banger Sisters, The RComedy2002
Bank, The 3 NRDrama, Suspense2002
Barbershop 2: Back In Action PG-13Comedy2004
Barbershop 2 PG-13Comedy2002
Barcelona PG-13Comedy, Drama, Romance, Independent1994
Bartleby 3 NRComedy2001
Basic Instinct 3 RAction, Suspense, Mystery1992
Basic RSuspense2003
Basketball Diaries, The RDrama1995
Batman & Robin 1 PG-13Action, Sci-Fi/Fantasy1997
Batman Forever 2 PG-13Action, Sci-Fi/Fantasy1995
Batman 2 PG-13Action, Kids, Sci-Fi/Fantasy1989
Battlefield Earth 0 PG-13Action, Sci-Fi/Fantasy2000
Beach, The 2 RDrama, Suspense2000
Bean 2 PGComedy1997
Beautiful Girls 2 RComedy, Drama, Romance1996
Beautiful Mind, A 3 PG-13Drama2002
Beautiful People 2 NRDrama1999
Beautiful 1 PG-13Comedy2000
Bed of Roses PGRomance1996
Bedazzled PG-13Comedy2000
Beethoven's 2nd 2 PGComedy, Kids, Family1993
Beethoven's 4th 2 GComedy, Kids2001
Beethoven PGComedy, Kids, Family1992
Before Sunrise RComedy, Drama, Romance1995
Before Sunset 3 RComedy, Romance2004
Behind Enemy Lines PG-13Action, Suspense, War2001
Being John Malkovich RComedy, Drama1999
Being There PGClassic, Comedy1980
Believer, The RDrama2001
Ben-Hur GAction, Classic, Drama1959
Bend It Like Bekham 3 PG-13Comedy, Drama2003
Bent RDrama, Gay/Lesbian1997
Best in Show PG-13Comedy2000
Best Laid Plans RSuspense, Thriller1999
Better Than Chocolate NRComedy, Romance, Gay/Lesbian1999
Beverly Hills Cop III 1 RAction, Comedy1994
Beverly Hills Cop 3 RAction, Comedy1984
Beyond Borders RDrama, War, Romance2003
Beyond the Mat RDocumentary2000
Bicentennial Man 3 PGComedy, Drama, Romance, Sci-Fi/Fantasy1999
Big Bounce, The 1 PG-13Comedy, Suspense, Thriller2004
Big Easy, The 3 RDrama, Romance, Suspense1987
Big Eden 3 NRDrama, Gay/Lesbian2001
Big Fat Liar 2 PGComedy, Kids2002
Big Fish 3 PG-13Comedy, Drama2004
Big Lebowski, The RComedy, Mystery, Suspense, Independent1998
Big Momma's House PG-13Comedy2000
Big Night 3 RComedy, Drama1996
Big Squeeze, The 3 RComedy1996
Big Trouble in Little China 3 PG-13Comedy, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Action, Cult1986
Big Trouble 1 PG-13Comedy2002
Biker Boyz 1 PG-13Action2003
Billy Elliot RComedy, Drama2000
Birdcage, The 2 RComedy, Drama, Gay/Lesbian1996
Birthday Girl RComedy, Romance2002
Birth RMystery, Suspense, Drama2004
Bitter Moon RDrama, Erotica, Romance1994
Black and White RDrama2000
Black Beauty GDrama, Family, Kids1994
Black Hawk Down RAction, War, Drama2002
Black Hole, The 4 PGSci-Fi/Fantasy, Kids, Cult1979
Black Knight 2 PG-13Comedy, Sci-Fi/Fantasy2001
Black Widow 2 RDrama, Mystery, Suspense1987
Blade II RAction, Horror, Suspense2002
Blade Runner 4 RSci-Fi/Fantasy, Action, Cult1982
Blade 1 RHorror, Action, Thriller1998
Blair Witch Project, The RHorror1999
Blast from the Past PG-13Comedy, Romance1999
Blazing Saddles RWestern, Comedy1974
Bless the Child RSuspense2000
Blink 3 RDrama, Romance, Suspense1994
Bliss 2 RDrama1997
Blood Games ½ RHorror1990
Blood Work RSuspense2002
Bloody Sunday RDrama2002
Blow Dry RComedy, Drama2001
Blow Out RDrama, Mystery, Suspense1981
Blown Away 1 RAction, Mystery, Suspense1994
Blow 3 RDrama2001
Blue Car 3 NRDrama2002
Blue Chips 2 PG-13Sports, Drama1994
Blue Crush 3 PG-13Drama, Sports, Romance2002
Blue in the Face RComedy, Drama1995
Blue Sky PG-13Drama1994
Blue Thunder 3 RAction1983
Blue Velvet RCult, Drama, Erotica, Suspense1986
Boat Trip 1 RComedy, Gay/Lesbian2003
Body Heat 4 RDrama, Romance, Suspense1981
Body Shots 1 RDrama, Comedy1999
Bodyguard, The 2 RDrama, Romance1992
Boiler Room 3 RDrama2000
Bone Collector, The RDrama, Suspense1999
Bones ½ RHorror2001
Boogie Nights RDrama, Music1997
Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 2 RHorror2000
Born on the Fourth of July RDrama, War1989
Borrowers, The PGComedy, Family, Kids1998
Bottle Rocket 1 RComedy, Suspense1996
Bounce 3 PG-13Drama, Romance2000
Bound RDrama, Erotica, Gay/Lesbian, Suspense1996
Bourne Identity, The PG-13Action, Suspense2002
Bourne Supremacy, The PG-13Action, Suspense2004
Bowfinger 3 PG-13Comedy1999
Bowling For Columbine NRAction, Comedy, Documentary2002
Boxing Helena ½ RHorror, Suspense1993
Boys and Girls PG-13Romance, Comedy2000
Boys Don't Cry RDrama1999
Bram Stoker's Dracula RHorror1992
Brave Little Toaster, The 4 NRAnimation, Kids1987
Braveheart 3 RAction, War, Drama1995
Brazil 3 RClassic, Drama, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Comedy, Cult1985
Bread and Roses RDrama2001
Breakdown RAction, Drama, Suspense1997
Breakfast Club RComedy, Drama1985
Breakin' All The Rules 3 PG-13Comedy2004
Breaking the Waves RDrama, Foreign1996
Bride of Chucky RHorror1998
Bridge on the River Kwai, The 4 PGClassic, Drama, War1957
Bridges of Madison County, The PG-13Drama, Romance1995
Bridget Jones's Diary 3 RComedy, Romance2001
Bridget Jones: The Edge Of Reason 2 RComedy, Romance2004
Brigadoon GClassic, Music, Sci-Fi/Fantasy1954
Bring It On 2 PG-13Comedy2000
Bringing Down The House PG-13Comedy, Romance2003
Bringing out the Dead 3 RDrama, Comedy1999
Brokedown Palace PG-13Drama1999
Broken Arrow 3 RAction, Suspense1996
Brother Bear GAnimation, Kids, Family2003
Brotherhood of the Wolf NRAction, Drama, Horror, Martial Arts, Foreign2002
Brothers McMullen, The 3 RComedy, Drama, Romance1995
Brothers, The 2 RComedy, Drama2001
Brown Bunny, The NRDrama2004
Brown Sugar 2 PG-13Drama, Romance2002
Bruce Almighty 2 PG-13Comedy2003
Bubble Boy PG-13Comedy, Romance2001
Buddy PGComedy1997
Buffalo Soldiers 3 RComedy, Drama, Suspense2003
Buffy The Vampire Slayer 1 PG-13Comedy, Horror1992
Bug's Life, A 3 GAnimation, Kids1998
Bulletproof Monk 1 PG-13Action, Martial-Arts, Sci-Fi/Fantasy2003
Bullets Over Broadway RComedy1994
Bulworth RComedy1998
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid PGClassic, Action, Western, Drama1964
Butcher Boy, The 2 RComedy, Drama, Horror1998
Butterfly Effect, The RSci-Fi/Fantasy, Thriller2004
Butterfly Kiss NRAction, Gay/Lesbian, Drama1996

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