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for movies with an average rating of 3 Stars

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102 Dalmatians G2000Kids
13 Conversations About One Thing R2002Drama
13 Going On 30 PG-132004Comedy, Romance, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
15 Minutes R2001Action, Drama, Suspense
20,000 Leagues Under The Sea G1954Action, Classic, Kids, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
21 Grams R2003Drama
48 Hours R1982Action, Comedy
About A Boy PG2002Comedy, Romance
The Abyss PG-131989Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Action, Horror
Addicted to Love R1997Comedy, Romance
The Adventures of Robin Hood NR1938Action, Classic, Romance
Affliction R1998Drama, Suspense
The African Queen NR1952Classic, Action, Romance, Drama
Agent Cody Banks PG2003Action, Comedy, Kids
Air Force One R1997Action, Suspense, Thriller
Aladdin G1992Animation, Comedy, Family, Kids
Along Came a Spider R2001Suspense
American Buffalo R1996Drama
American Dreamer PG1984Comedy, Romance
American Graffiti PG1973Comedy, Drama
American Pie 2 R2001Comedy
American Pie R1999Comedy
The American President PG-131995Romance
Analyze This R1999Comedy
Anastasia G1997Animation, Kids, Family, Music, Action
Angel Eyes R2001Drama, Romance
Angela's Ashes R2000Drama, Comedy
Animal House R1978Comedy
Anna and the King PG-131999Drama, Romance
Annie Hall PG1977Comedy, Drama, Romance, Classic
The Anniversary Party R2001Drama, Romance
Antwone Fisher PG-132003Drama
Apollo 13 PG1995Action, Drama, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Ararat R2002Drama
The Arrival PG-131996Action, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
As Good As It Gets PG-131997Comedy, Romance, Drama
Auto Focus R2002Drama, Erotica
Babe G1995Kids, Family, Comedy
Back To The Beach PG1987Comedy, Music
Bad Santa R2003Comedy, Christmas
The Bank NR2002Drama, Suspense
Bartleby NR2001Comedy
Basic Instinct R1992Action, Suspense, Mystery
A Beautiful Mind PG-132002Drama
Before Sunset R2004Comedy, Romance
Bend It Like Bekham PG-132003Comedy, Drama
Beverly Hills Cop R1984Action, Comedy
Bicentennial Man PG1999Comedy, Drama, Romance, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
The Big Easy R1987Drama, Romance, Suspense
Big Eden NR2001Drama, Gay/Lesbian
Big Fish PG-132004Comedy, Drama
Big Night R1996Comedy, Drama
The Big Squeeze R1996Comedy
Big Trouble in Little China PG-131986Comedy, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Action, Cult
Blink R1994Drama, Romance, Suspense
Blow R2001Drama
Blue Car NR2002Drama
Blue Crush PG-132002Drama, Sports, Romance
Blue Thunder R1983Action
Boiler Room R2000Drama
Bounce PG-132000Drama, Romance
Bowfinger PG-131999Comedy
Braveheart R1995Action, War, Drama
Brazil R1985Classic, Drama, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Comedy, Cult
Breakin' All The Rules PG-132004Comedy
Bridget Jones's Diary R2001Comedy, Romance
Bringing out the Dead R1999Drama, Comedy
Broken Arrow R1996Action, Suspense
The Brothers McMullen R1995Comedy, Drama, Romance
Buffalo Soldiers R2003Comedy, Drama, Suspense
A Bug's Life G1998Animation, Kids
Calendar Girls PG-132003Comedy
Cat People R1982Horror, Erotica, Suspense
The Caveman's Valentine R2001Drama, Suspense
The Cell R2000Suspense, Thriller, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Changing Lanes R2002Drama, Suspense
Charlie's Angels PG-132000Action, Comedy
Chicken Run G2000Animation, Family, Kids
China Moon R1994Mystery, Suspense
The Chopper NR2001Comedy, Drama
City By The Sea R2002Drama
Clear and Present Danger PG-131994Action, Suspense
The Clearing R2004Drama, Suspense
A Clockwork Orange R1972Classic, Cult, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Collateral R2004Suspense, Drama
Color of Paradise PG2001Drama, Foreign
Coma PG1978Drama, Horror, Suspense
Commando R1985Action
Company Man PG-132001Comedy
The Contender R2000Drama, Suspense
The Cooler R2003Comedy, Romance
Crimson Tide R1995Action, Suspense
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon PG-132000Action, Foreign
Croupier R2000Cult, Drama, Suspense
The Crow R1994Action, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Suspense
Crumb R1995Documentary
Dam Busters NR1954Action, Drama, War
The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys R2002Drama
Danny Deckchair PG-132004Comedy, Romance, Foreign
Daughter From Danang NR2002Documentary, Foreign
The Day The Earth Stood Still G1951Classic, Cult, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
The Dead Pool R1988Action, Suspense
The Debut NR2000Drama
Deep Impact PG-131998Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Action, Drama
Deep Rising R1998Action, Horror, Thriller
Diamonds Are Forever PG1971007, Action, Suspense
Dick PG-131999Comedy
Dirty Pretty Things R2003Drama
Dirty Rotten Scoundrels PG1998Comedy
Disclosure R1994Drama, Mystery, Suspense
Dog Day Afternoon R1975Classic, Drama, Suspense
Dogtown And Z-Boys PG-132001Documentary, Sports
Dogville R2004Drama, Foreign, Suspense
Donnie Brasco R1997Drama, Suspense
The Door In The Floor R2004Drama
Down With Love PG-132003Comedy, Romance
Dream With the Fishes R1997Comedy, Drama
Dune PG-131984Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Duplex PG-132003Comedy
East Of Eden NR1955Classic, Drama
Ed Wood R1994Comedy, Drama
Elf PG2003Comedy, Christmas, Family
The Emerald Forest R1985Action, Drama
Emma PG1996Comedy, Drama, Romance
The Emperor's Club PG-132002Drama
The Emperor's New Clothes PG2002Comedy
The Emperor's New Groove G2000Comedy, Kids
The Enforcer R1976Action, Suspense
The English Patient R1996Drama, Romance
Enigma NR2001Drama, Suspense
Enter the Dragon R1973Action, Cult, Martial-Arts
Entrapment PG-131999Action, Romance, Thriller
Equilibrium R2002Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Action, Suspense
Eraser R1996Action
Erin Brockovich R2000Drama, Comedy
Escape From New York R1981Action, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Suspense
Evelyn PG2002Drama
Event Horizon R1997Horror, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Ever After: A Cinderella Story PG-131998Romance
Everest NR1998Documentary, Suspense
Extreme Measures R1996Mystery, Suspense
Face/Off R1997Action, Suspense, Thriller
The Faculty R1998Action, Horror, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Fahrenheit 451 NR1966Foreign, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Romance
Fahrenheit 9/11 R2004Documentary
A Family Thing PG-131996Comedy, Drama
Fast Times at Ridgemont High R1992Comedy
Fight Club R1999Drama
The Filth and the Fury NR2000Music, Documentary
Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within PG-132001Action, Animation, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Finding Nemo G2003Animation, Comedy, Kids
Fort Apache NR1948Action, Classic, Western
Four Weddings and a Funeral R1994Comedy, Drama, Romance
French Kiss PG-131995Comedy, Romance
Frequency PG-132000Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Suspense
Friday Night Lights PG-132004Drama, Sports
Frida R2002Drama
From Dusk Till Dawn R1996Action, Horror, Suspense
From Russia With Love PG1964007, Action, Suspense, Classic
The Full Monty R1997Comedy
Galaxy Quest PG1999Comedy, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
The Game R1997Mystery, Suspense, Thriller, Drama
Gangs of New York R2002Action, Drama
Gattaca PG-131997Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Drama, Suspense
Germinal R1994Drama, Foreign
The Getaway PG1972Classic, Action, Suspense
Ghost World R2001Drama
Ghostbusters PG1984Comedy, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
The Gift R2001Suspense, Thriller
Glengarry Glen Ross R1992Drama
Go R1999Comedy, Suspense
The Graduate PG1967Classic, Comedy, Drama
Green Dragon PG-132002Foreign
Groundhog Day PG1993Comedy, Romance
Halloween 3: Season of the Witch R1982Horror
Hamlet PG-131996Drama
The Hanging Garden R1998Drama, Gay/Lesbian
Happy Texas PG-131999Comedy
Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle R2004Comedy
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets PG2002Kids, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone PG2001Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Kids
Heartbreakers PG-132001Comedy
Hearts in Atlantis PG-132001Drama, Suspense, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Heaven R2002Drama, Romance, Foreign, Italian
Hedwig and the Angry Inch R2001Comedy, Gay/Lesbian, Music
Heist R2001Drama, Suspense
Hellraiser 2: Hellbound R1988Horror
Hercules G1997Animation, Comedy, Family, Kids
Home Movie NR2002Documentary
The Horse Whisperer PG-131998Drama, Romance
The Hours PG-132002Drama
The Hulk PG-132003Action, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
The Human Stain R2003Drama
Human Traffic R2000Comedy
The Hunt for Red October PG1990Action, Drama, Suspense
The Hurricane R1999Drama, Sports
I Dreamed of Africa PG-132000Drama
I Love Trouble PG1994Comedy, Romance
I, Robot PG-132004Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Action, Suspense
The Ice Storm R1997Drama
Identity R2003Suspense
Igby Goes Down R2002Comedy, Drama, Romance
Il Postino PG1995Drama, Romance, Foreign
In The Heat Of The Night NR1967Drama, Mystery, Classic
In The Line Of Fire R1993Action, Drama, Suspense
Independence Day PG-131996Action, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Indian in the Cupboard PG1995Family, Kids, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Internal Affairs R1990Drama, Suspense
Invasion Of The Body Snatchers NR1956Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Horror, Cult, Suspense
Jackie Brown R1997Comedy, Drama, Suspense
Jakob the Liar PG-131999Drama, Comedy
Jane Eyre PG1996Drama, Romance
Jerry Maguire R1996Comedy, Romance, Sports
Joy Ride R2001Action, Suspense
Jurassic Park III PG-132001Action, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Suspense
Jurassic Park PG-131993Action, Kids, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Kill Bill Volume 2 R2004Action, Martial-Arts, Thriller
Kill Bill: Vol. 1 R2003Action, Martial-Arts, Thriller
Kiss the Girls R1997Mystery, Suspense, Thriller
La Bamba PG-131987Drama, Music, Romance
Ladybird Ladybird R1995Drama, Foreign
The Ladykillers R2004Comedy, Suspense
The Land Before Time G1988Animation, Kids
Lassie Come Home G1943Classic, Family, Kids
Lassie PG1994Family, Kids
The Last Castle R2001Action, Drama, Suspense
The Last Days of Disco R1998Drama
The Last Samurai R2003Action, Drama, War
The Last Shot R2004Comedy
The Last Supper R1996Comedy
Lawn Dogs R1998Drama
Le Divorce PG-132003Comedy, Drama
Legally Blonde PG-132001Comedy
Lethal Weapon R1987Action, Drama, Suspense
The Life and Times of Hank Greenberg R2000Documentary, Sports
Life as a House R2001Drama
Life Is Beautiful PG-131998Comedy, Drama, Foreign
The Life of David Gale PG-132003Drama, Suspense
The Lion King G1994Animation, Kids, Family, Music
Little Shop Of Horrors NR1960Comedy, Horror
Little Shop Of Horrors PG-131986Music, Comedy, Horror
Living Out Loud R1998Comedy, Drama, Romance
Logan's Run NR1976Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Lone Star R1996Drama, Romance, Western
The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring PG-132001Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Action, Suspense
The Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers PG-132002Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Action, Drama
Lost In La Mancha R2003Documentary
Love Actually R2003Comedy
The Machinist R2004Mystery, Drama, Suspense
Mad Love R2002Drama, Romance, Foreign
Mad Max R1980Action, Cult, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Magnum Force R1973Action, Drama, Suspense
The Man From Elysian Fields R2002Drama
The Man Who Wasn't There R2001Comedy, Drama, Suspense
The Manchurian Candidate R2004Suspense, Thriller
Maryam NR2000Drama
Mascara R1999Drama
Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World PG-132003Action, War
Matchstick Men PG-132003Comedy, Drama
Matilda PG1996Comedy, Family, Kids
Mau Mau Sex Sex NR2001Documentary
Meet the Parents PG-132000Comedy
Men in Black PG-131997Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Action, Comedy
The Mexican R2001Action, Romance, Suspense
Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil R1997Drama, Suspense
A Mighty Wind PG-132003Comedy, Documentary
Minority Report PG-132002Action, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Suspense
Miracles PG-131989Action, Comedy, Martial Arts
Miracle NR2004Drama, Sports
Mississippi Burning R1988Drama, Suspense
Monster's Ball R2001Drama, Romance
Monster R2004Drama, Thriller
Monty Python and the Holy Grail PG1995Comedy, Cult
Monty Python's the Meaning of Life R1983Comedy, Cult
Moonlight Mile PG-132002Drama
Moonraker PG1979007, Action, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Suspense
The Motorcycle Diaries R2004Drama
Much Ado About Nothing PG-131993Comedy, Romance
Mulan G1998Animation, Kids
Mulholland Drive R2001Drama, Suspense
Music Box R1990Drama, Suspense
Mute Witness R1995Drama, Mystery, Suspense
My Big Fat Greek Wedding PG2002Comedy, Romance
Mystic River R2003Drama, Suspense, Thriller
Narc R2003Action, Drama, Suspense
Nicholas Nickleby PG2002Comedy, Drama, Romance
No Man's Land R2001Foreign, Suspense, War
Old Yeller G1957Drama, Family, Kids
One True Thing R1998Drama
Open Range R2003Western, Action, Drama
The Opposite of Sex R1998Comedy, Gay/Lesbian
Orgazmo NC-171998Comedy
The Original Kings of Comedy R2000Comedy, Documentary
Outland R1981Action, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Owning Mahowny R2003Thriller
The Paper R1994Drama
Passion of the Christ R2004Drama, Religion
Pecker R1998Comedy
Picture Perfect PG-131997Comedy, Romance
Pieces Of April PG-132003Comedy, Drama
Pleasantville PG-131998Comedy, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Point Blank NR1967Action, Drama, Suspense
Possession PG-132002Drama, Romance
Primal Fear R1996Drama, Mystery, Suspense
Prince of Darkness R1987Horror
Prince Of The City R1981Action, Drama, Mystery
Princess Caraboo PG1994Comedy, Drama, Romance
The Producers NR1968Comedy, Classic, Cult
Psycho Bach Party PG-132000Comedy
Psycho R1960Classic, Drama, Horror, Suspense
Punch-Drunk Love R2002Comedy, Romance
Quills R2000Drama, Erotica
Rabbit-Proof Fence PG2002Drama
Radio PG2003Comedy, Drama
Rain NR2002Drama
Rashomon NR1951Classic, Foreign, Drama
Ray PG-132004Music, Drama
Red Dragon R2002Drama, Suspense, Horror
The Red Violin NR1999Drama, Foreign, Music
Remember the Titans PG2000Drama, Sports
Reservoir Dogs R1992Action, Drama, Suspense
Return of the Jedi PG1983Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Action, Classic
The Ring PG-132002Horror, Mystery
Rob Roy R1995Action, Drama, Romance, Suspense
The Rock R1996Action, Suspense
Roger Dodger R2002Comedy, Drama
Ronin R1998Action, Suspense, Thriller
Rounders R1998Drama, Suspense
Rules of Engagement R2000Drama, War
Runaway Jury PG-132003Drama, Thriller
Saved! PG-132004Comedy, Drama
Scarlet Street NR1945Action, Classic, Drama
Seabiscuit PG-132003Drama
The Searchers NR1956Action, Drama, Western, Classic
Searching for Bobby Fischer PG1993Drama, Family
The Secret Lives Of Dentists R2003Drama
The Secret of Roan Inish PG1995Drama, Family, Kids, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Secrets & Lies NR1996Drama
Sense and Sensibility PG1995Comedy, Drama, Romance
Serendipity PG-132001Comedy, Romance
Serpico R1973Classic, Action, Drama
Seven Days In May NR1964Classic, Drama, Mystery
Seven R1995Drama, Noir, Suspense
Sex, Lies, and Videotape R1989Classic, Comedy, Drama
Sexy Beast R2001Comedy, Drama, Suspense
Shadow of the Vampire R2001Drama, Horror
Shaft R1971Action, Cult, Suspense
Shanghai Knights PG-132003Action, Comedy, Martial-Arts, Western
Shanghai Noon PG-132000Action, Comedy, Martial Arts
The Shape Of Things R2003Drama
Shattered Glass PG-132003Drama
The Shawshank Redemption R1994Drama
Shiloh PG1997Drama, Family, Kids
Short Cuts R1993Drama
Sideways R2004Comedy, Drama
Signs PG-132002Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Suspense
Simon Birch PG1998Drama
Simone PG-132002Comedy, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Drama
A Simple Plan R1998Thriller
A Simple Twist of Fate PG-131994Comedy, Drama
Sirens R1994Comedy, Drama
Slap Her, She's French PG-132002Comedy
Sleepy Hollow R1999Horror
Sling Blade R1996Drama
Small Time Crooks PG2000Comedy
Smoke R1995Comedy, Drama, Independent
Snow Falling on Cedars PG-131999Drama, Suspense
Some Like It Hot NR1959Classic, Comedy, Music
Someone Like You PG-132001Comedy, Romance
Sophie's Choice R1982Classic, Drama
South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut R1999Animation, Comedy
Soylent Green PG1973Action, Cult, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Space Cowboys PG-132000Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Action
Space Jam PG1996Animation, Family, Kids
Spanking the Monkey NR1995Comedy, Cult, Drama
Speed R1994Action
Spider-Man PG-132002Action, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Spy Kids PG2001Action, Kids
The Spy Who Loved Me PG1977007, Action, Suspense
Stalingrad NR1993Drama, Foreign, War
Standing In The Shadows PG2002Documentary, Music
Star Kid PG1997Action, Family, Kids, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace PG1999Action, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
The Station Agent R2003Drama
Steal This Movie! R2000Comedy, Drama
Step Into Liquid NR2003Documentary, Sports
Stepmom PG-131998Drama
Stir of Echoes R1999Horror, Suspense, Thriller
Sudden Impact R1993Action, Suspense
Suicide Kings R1998Comedy, Drama, Mystery, Suspense
The Sum Of All Fears PG-132002Action, Suspense
Super Size Me NR2004Documentary
Swimming Pool R2003Drama, Thriller, French
Swordfish R2001Action, Suspense
Sylvia R2003Drama, Romance
The Tailor of Panama R2001Comedy, Drama, Suspense
The Terminal PG-132004Comedy, Drama, Romance
Terminator 2: Judgement Day R1991Action, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Suspense
Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines R2003Action, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
The Thin Red Line R1999Action, Drama, War
Thirteen Days PG-132001Drama, Suspense
Thirteen R2003Drama
Thunderball PG1965007, Action, Suspense, Classic
The Tigger Movie G2000Animation, Family, Kids
Time After Time PG1979Action, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
A Time to Kill R1996Drama, Mystery, Suspense
Tin Cup R1996Comedy, Drama, Romance
Titanic PG-131997Action, Romance, Drama
Tootsie PG1982Classic, Comedy, Romance
Tortilla Soup R2001Comedy, Drama
Training Day R2001Drama, Suspense
Trainspotting R1996Comedy, Drama, Cult
Trekkies PG1998Documentary, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
True Lies R1994Action, Romance
The Truman Show PG1998Comedy, Drama
Two Brothers PG2004Family, Drama
Two Family House R2000Drama
Ulee's Gold R1997Drama, Suspense
Under the Sun NR2001Foreign, Drama, Romance
Up Close and Personal PG-131996Drama, Romance
The Usual Suspects R1995Action, Drama, Mystery, Suspense
Vanilla Sky R2001Drama, Romance
Vanity Fair PG-132004Drama, Romance
Vertigo PG1958Drama, Mystery, Suspense, Classic
Wag the Dog R1997Comedy, Drama
Waiting for Guffman R1996Comedy, Music
Waking Ned Devine PG1998Comedy
War Of The Worlds G1953Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Classic, Action, Drama
Washington Square PG1997Drama, Romance
We Don't Live Here Anymore R2004Drama, Romance
We Were Soldiers R2002Action, War
The Wedding Planner PG-132001Comedy, Romance
Welcome To Collinwood R2002Comedy
Whale Rider PG-132003Drama, Foreign
What Women Want PG-132000Comedy
Witness R1985Action, Drama, Suspense, Romance
Wonder Boys R2000Comedy, Drama
X-Men PG-132000Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Action
X2: X-Men United PG-132003Action, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
XX/XY R2003Drama, Erotica, Romance
XXX PG-132002Action, Suspense
Yojimbo NR1962Action, Classic, Drama, Foreign
You've Got Mail PG1998Comedy, Romance
Young Frankenstein PG1975Comedy, Horror
Zero Effect R1998Comedy, Mystery, Romance
Zoolander PG-132001Comedy

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