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for movies with an average rating of 3.5 Stars

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25th Hour R2003Drama
About Schmidt R2003Comedy, Drama
Adaptation R2003Comedy, Drama
Alien: The Director's Cut R2003Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Horror, Suspense, Action
Aliens R1986Horror, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Suspense
Alive R1993Action, Drama
All About Eve NR1950Classic, Comedy, Drama
Almost Famous R2000Drama, Music
Amadeus PG1988Classic, Drama, Music
American Beauty R1999Drama, Comedy
An American Rhapsody PG-132001Drama
the Andromeda Strain G1971Action, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Antz PG1998Animation, Kids, Comedy, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
The Apostle PG-131998Drama, Religion
Arlington Road R1999Suspense, Thriller
Back To The Future Part 3 PG1990Action, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Western
Back To The Future PG1985Action, Comedy, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Before Sunrise R1995Comedy, Drama, Romance
Being John Malkovich R1999Comedy, Drama
Being There PG1980Classic, Comedy
The Believer R2001Drama
Best in Show PG-132000Comedy
Best Laid Plans R1999Suspense, Thriller
The Big Lebowski R1998Comedy, Mystery, Suspense, Independent
Black Beauty G1994Drama, Family, Kids
The Blair Witch Project R1999Horror
Blow Out R1981Drama, Mystery, Suspense
Blue Velvet R1986Cult, Drama, Erotica, Suspense
Boogie Nights R1997Drama, Music
Born on the Fourth of July R1989Drama, War
The Borrowers PG1998Comedy, Family, Kids
Bound R1996Drama, Erotica, Gay/Lesbian, Suspense
Bowling For Columbine NR2002Action, Comedy, Documentary
Bram Stoker's Dracula R1992Horror
Breaking the Waves R1996Drama, Foreign
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid PG1964Classic, Action, Western, Drama
Cast Away PG-132000Drama
Catch Me If You Can PG-132002Action, Drama, Suspense
The Celluloid Closet R1996Documentary, Gay/Lesbian
Chasing Amy R1997Comedy, Drama, Romance
The Cider House Rules PG-131999Drama
Clockers R1995Drama, Suspense
Clockwatchers PG-131998Comedy
Close Encounters Of The Third Kind PG1977Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Classic
Contact PG1997Drama, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Cry the Beloved Country PG-131995Drama
Dead Man Walking R1995Drama
Dead Man R1996Drama, Western
The Deep End R2001Drama, Gay/Lesbian, Suspense
Deliverance R1972Action, Drama
The Dirty Dozen PG1967Action, War
Dirty Harry R1971Action, Classic, Suspense
The Dish PG-132001Comedy, Drama
Donnie Darko R2001Drama, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Double Indemnity NR1944Drama, Mystery, Noir, Classic
Election R1999Comedy
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind R2004Comedy, Romance
The Evil Dead NR1982Cult, Comedy, Horror, Suspense
Executive Decision R1996Action, Suspense
Eyes Wide Shut R1999Drama
Fantasia 2000 G1999Animation, Kids, Music
Far From heaven PG-132002Drama
Fargo R1996Comedy, Drama, Suspense, Independent
Father of the Bride Part II PG1995Comedy, Romance
Feast of July R1995Drama
Five Senses R2000Drama
Fog Of War PG-132004Documentary
Frankenstein NR1931Horror, Classic
Freaky Friday PG2003Comedy, Kids, Family
The French Connection R1971Action, Drama, Suspense, Classic
Garden State R2004Drama, Romance
Gettysburg PG1993Action, Drama, War
Girl With a Pearl Earring PG-132004Drama
Gladiator R2000Action, Drama
Gods and Monsters R1998Drama, Independent, Gay/Lesbian
Gone with the Wind G1939Classic, Drama, Romance
The Good Girl R2002Comedy, Romance
Good Will Hunting R1997Drama, Romance
The Grapes of Wrath NR1940Drama, Classic
Grease PG1978Classic, Comedy, Romance, Music
The Green Mile R1999Drama
Halloween R1978Horror, Suspense
Hellraiser 3: Hell on Earth R1992Horror
Hellraiser 4: Bloodline R1996Horror
Hero PG-131992Comedy, Drama
Hero PG-132004Action, Martial-Arts, Foreign
High Noon NR1952Western, Action, Classic
Hilary and Jackie R1999Drama, Music
House Of Sand and Fog R2003Drama
House of Yes R1997Comedy
How Green Was My Valley NR1941Drama, Classic
The Hunchback of Notre Dame PG1996Animation, Family, Kids
The Hustler NR1961Drama, Classic
In the Bedroom R2001Drama
In the Mood For Love PG2001Drama, Foreign
The Incredibles PG2004Animation, Action, Family, Kids
The Insider R1999Drama, Suspense
Insomnia R2002Suspense
Iris R2001Drama
The Iron Giant PG1999Animation, Kids, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
The Jackal R1997Action, Suspense
Jane Eyre NR1944Drama, Romance, Classic
Jaws PG1975Classic, Suspense, Action, Horror
Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back R2001Comedy
The Joy Luck Club R1993Drama
Jude R1996Drama
Kiss of the Spider Woman R1985Drama, Gay/Lesbian
Last Orders R2001Comedy, Drama
The Limey R1999Action, Drama, Suspense
Lolita NR1962Drama
The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King PG-132003Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Action, Drama
Lorenzos Oil PG-131993Drama
Lost In Translation R2003Drama
The Maltese Falcon NR1941Mystery, Noir, Suspense, Classic
Manhattan R1979Comedy, Romance, Classic
Mansfield Park R1999Drama
Maria Full Of Grace R2004Drama
Mask of Zorro PG-131998Action, Romance
Mean Girls PG-132004Comedy, Romance
Memento R2001Mystery, Suspense
Midnight Cowboy R1969Drama
Mission: Impossible 2 PG-132000Action, Suspense
Monsters Inc. G2001Animation, Kids
Moulin Rouge PG-132001Drama, Music, Romance
The Negotiator R1998Action, Suspense, Thriller
Network R1976Classic, Comedy, Drama
A Nightmare on Elm Street 1 R1984Horror, Cult
A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: Dream Master R1988Horror
North By Northwest NR1959Classic, Drama, Suspense, Mystery
Notorious NR1946Classic, Mystery, Noir, Suspense
Notting Hill PG-131999Comedy, Romance
Nowhere In Africa NR2003Drama, Foreign, German
Nurse Betty R2000Comedy
October Sky PG1999Drama, Family
On the Waterfront NR1954Classic, Drama
One Hour Photo R2002Drama, Suspense
The Others PG-132001Horror
Paper Moon PG1973Comedy, Drama
The Parent Trap PG1998Kids, Family
People vs. Larry Flynt R1996Drama
Personal Best R1982Drama, Gay/Lesbian, Romance
Personal Velocity R2002Drama
The Pianist R2002Drama, War
The Pledge R2001Drama, Suspense
The Polar Express G2004Animation, Kids, Family, Christmas
Pretty Woman R1990Comedy, Romance
Primary Colors R1998Comedy, Drama
Purple Rose of Cairo PG1985Comedy, Classic, Romance
The Quiet American R2002Drama, Suspense, War
Raging Bull R1980Classic, Drama
Remains of the Day PG1993Drama, Romance
Richard III R1995Drama
Road To Perdition R2002Drama
Rosewood R1997Action, Drama
The Safety Of Objects R2003Drama
Schindler's List R1993Action, Drama, War, Classic
School Of Rock PG-132003COmedy, Music
Scream 2 R1997Horror, Suspense
Scream R1996Horror, Suspense
Shadowlands PG1994Drama, Romance
Shrek 2 PG2004Animation, Comedy, Kids, Family
Shrek PG2001Animation, Comedy, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Six Degrees of Separation R1993Comedy, Drama
The Sixth Sense PG-131999Horror
Sleepers R1996Drama, Suspense
Sleeper PG1973Comedy, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Classic
Songcatcher PG-132000Drama, Music
The Sound of Music G1965Classic, Drama, Music, Romance
Spanish Prisoner PG1998Drama, Suspense, Mystery
Spider-Man 2 PG-132004Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Action R2001Documentary
State and Main R2001Comedy
The Talented Mr. Ripley R1999Drama, Suspense
Tape NR2001Drama
Tarzan G1999Animation, Kids
Taxi Driver R1976Classic, Drama, Action, Cult
The Terminator R1984Action, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Suspense
Three Kings R1999Drama, War
To Kill a Mockingbird NR1962Drama, Classic
Total Recall R1990Action, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Toy Story 2 G1999Animation, Kids
Traffic R2001Drama
The Unbearable Lightness of Being R1988Drama, Erotica, Romance
Untamed Heart PG-131993Romance
Vanya on 42nd Street PG1994Drama
The War Zone NR1999Drama
When a Man Loves a Woman R1994Drama
A Woman's Tale PG-131992Drama
Wuthering Heights NR1939Drama, Romance, Classic
The Yards R2000Drama, Suspense
You Can Count on Me R2000Drama
The Young Poisoner's Handbook R1996Comedy, Drama, Suspense
Young Sherlock Holmes PG-131985Mystery, Cult

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