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The 13th Warrior R1999Action
The Adventures Of Pluto Nash PG-132002Comedy, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Amateur R1995Comedy, Drama, Suspense
Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid PG-132004Horror
Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever R2002Action, Suspense
Blood Games R1990Horror
Bones R2001Horror
Boxing Helena R1993Horror, Suspense
Canadian Bacon PG1995Comedy
Color of Night R1994Suspense
Cool World PG-131992Action, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course PG2002Action, Comedy
Extreme Ops PG-132002Action, Sports
Firestorm R1998Action
Fortress R1993Action, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Girls Town R1996Drama
Gumby: The Movie G1995Animation, Comedy, Kids
Heaven's Prisoners R1996Action, Mystery, Suspense
Highlander: Endgame R2000Action, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Johnny Mnemonic R1995Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Action
Kansas City R1996Drama, Music
Kounterfeit.raw R1996Action
Love Potion No. 9 PG-131992Comedy
Mad Love PG-131995Drama, Romance
Mary Reilly R1996Drama, Horror
The Master Of Disguise PG2002Comedy, Kids
Mixed Nuts PG-131994Comedy
Monolith R1993Action, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Mr. Magoo PG1997Comedy, Family, Kids
The Musketeer PG-132001Action
Naked In New York R1994Comedy, Drama, Romance
Natural Born Killers R1994Action, Drama, Suspense
Never Talk To Strangers R1995Action, Erotica, Suspense
The Omega Code PG-131999Action, Religion, Suspense, Thriller
One Tough Cop R1998Action, Drama, Suspense
Past Perfect R1996Action
Rollerball PG-132002Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Action, Sports
Shadow Conspiracy R1997Action, Suspense
The Skulls PG-132000Suspense
Soldier R1998Action, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Something To Talk About R1995Comedy, Romance, Drama
Species II R1998Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Thunderbirds PG2004Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Kids, Action
Undercover Blues PG-131993Action, Comedy
Universal Soldier: The Return R1999Action, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
What's Eating Gilbert Grape PG-131993Comedy, Drama, Romance
White Squall PG-131996Drama
Wing Commander PG-131999Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Action, War

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