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Hellina Crystal Clear Edition

toy reviewtoy reviewtoy review Toy Review: Hellina Crystal Clear Edition Manufacturer: Skybolt Toyz
Recommended Age: 9 and up
Category: Action Figure

Overall Rating: 3 Stars out of 4

Review by Ken
3 Stars out of 4

The crystal clear edition of Hellina is great in terms of novelty and collectability, but hey; not much else really. Hellina is made from the same mold as that of the 'Light-Up Eyes' version, so if you already got that then you know what to expect here. However, unlike that version; the 'clear' edition features added articulation at the thighs; besides the arms and neck. The legs still don't move, though. There is also variations in the design and material used for her 'nether-dimensional' whip. These are the only two differences. And similar to the 'Light-Up Eyes' version, the 'clear' Hellina also comes with her trusty telekinetic dagger and detachable cape.

And now the big news for collectors and fans. This figure was originally released as a comic convention exclusive and its production was limited to only 1,500 units each. That's hardly enough for every man, woman and child on the planet!!!! Even more disturbing is the fact that these clear editions were only available for sale in San Diego, Chicago and Detroit!! As I said earlier; I'm not really all that jazzed about this clear edition figure, because it just seems like a shrewd marketing ploy to begin with. However, the EXTREMELY limited edition nature of it all is enough to get almost anyone excited.

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