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Hellina Light Up Eyes

toy reviewtoy reviewtoy review Toy Review: Hellina Light Up Eyes Manufacturer: Skybolt Toyz
Recommended Age: 9 and up
Category: Action Figure This is the version of with eyes that light up

Overall Rating: 3 Stars out of 4

Review by Ken
3 Stars out of 4

The vengeful HELLINA scorches her way out of the comic-book page and into the world of action figures. I was just thinking how the comic-books themselves must have really limited print runs, because I'll be damned if I could find a single issue on her anywhere at the local comic specialty store. Hell, even the trusty WIZARD magazine has zero information on them or their publishing company Lightning Comics. That said; judging from the preview artwork showcased on the back of the packaging card, the comics look freaking hot. Enough to stir up a sizable amount of frenzied hysteria and excitement among collectors in the independent comics market, that's for sure.

The capsule origin on the toy packaging states that HELLINA was originally a woman named Sandra Lords, who was kidnapped and brainwashed by a satanic cult known as the 7th Day. After proving herself worthy, she was transformed by the Devil into this totally unstoppable soldier of death; to serve for Hell's army of the damned. What a life. Maybe Hellina should be hanging out with Spawn during her free time. Anyway, while battling a being known as Perg; she was exorcised of all the evil within her and has since sworn to use her powers to stop the malevolent forces of Satan and his demons.

Similar to other female comic-book 'heroines' like Lady Death, Darkchylde and Witchblade; Hellina is extremely attractive, overwhelmingly busty and generally possesses the type of figure most women would commit brutally violent murder for. Hellina the action figure looks almost just like her comic-book form; especially if we're talking about cleavage. Plenty of that here. Accessories include a detachable cape, a whip and a dagger. The Special Edition version also comes with a 'power-base' - a small platform that allows Hellina's eyes to light-up when you place the figure on it. Try this feature in the dark of night and get totally horrified/excited as her eyes take on this eerie red glow!!! Creepy.

What SUCKS about the figure, though; is the fact that it has very limited posing capabilities. Only the arms and head offer movement of any kind. Not even the legs have any articulation. Unthinkable!!! Another much-anticipated figure this year that had the same disappointing feature was the Scully figure from the X-Files line. Ultimately, this means that you won't be able to capture Hellina in all those dramatically blood-soaked demon-slaying poses or whatever. Damn. But overall, the figure is still great to look at. If Skybolt Toyz ever come out with another version of Hellina, some of the changes they could make - besides adding more articulation - would be to use 'real' hair instead of simulated plastic. McFarlane Toys did that with their Manga Goddess and Skull-Queen figures and the results were amazing. Also, the cape should be made from real cloth; to allow for more realistic flowing action.

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