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Darth Sidious

toy reviewtoy reviewtoy reviewtoy review Toy Review: Darth Sidious Manufacturer: Hasbro
Recommended Age: 4 and up
Category: Action Figure, Star Wars

Overall Rating: 4 Stars out of 4

Review by Ken
4 Stars out of 4

I was actually thinking the other day how most of the action figures from STAR WARS: EPISODE 1 are starting to seem a bit boring. I mean, the characters that Hasbro has released so far hardly seem to match the supreme coolness of Kenner's previous Power Of The Force figures like Bossk, Garindan, Zuckuss and the all-out classic; Ponda Baba. Seriously, can you really picture some 6-year old kid today getting all excited over a figure like Episode 1's Ric Ollie (receding hairline and all), when we have the Spawn guys putting out seriously groundbreaking stuff like Dark Ages 2 and the new Movie Maniacs line? I guess Star Wars is just so addictive and all-consuming that nobody stops to think that some of these figures actually suck.'

Thankfully, the Dark Side of the Force has always provided us with a way cool assortment of bad guys, and the shadowy Darth Sidious is no exception. Our guy Sidious is the frigging mastermind who orchestrated the entire trade blockade as well as the ensuing takeover of the planet Naboo. Although he's rarely seen in the movie; you now have the chance to see him as much as you want once you get the figure. The detailing on the toy is done up very nicely, with Darth Sidious seeming very calm yet unquestionably sinister. The robes should have been made out of cloth instead of plastic, but I guess the toymakers avoided this for their own reasons.

The foreign market version of this figure also comes with a bonus Battle Droid, instead of the COMMTech Chip. The bonus droids actually go a long way in helping fans to amass their own private droid armies. Sure, most of the new Episode 1 figures may be dull as doorknobs; but Darth Sidious avoids getting lumped together with the other crap simply because he's a mean looking, cold-eyed Dark Lord of the frigging Sith! 4 stars!!

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Darth Sidious

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