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Personal Review Page for UK Critic
Reviewer Id:  UK Critic
Name:  Ian Waldron-Mantgani
Reviewer since:  May 2000
Commission*:  $8.19
Gender:  Male
* Commission includes sales thru June 30, 2003

Number of Reviews: 34

Video Reviews
Title Rating MPAA Released
Any Given Sunday 3R1999
Beach, The 1R2000
Being John Malkovich R1999
Bicentennial Man 3PG1999
Boiler Room R2000
Boys Don't Cry R1999
Bringing out the Dead 3R1999
Chicken Run 2G2000
Cradle Will Rock R1999
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon PG-132000
Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo 2R1999
End of the Affair 2R1999
Filth and the Fury, The 4NR2000
Final Destination 3R2000
Galaxy Quest 3PG1999
Girl, Interrupted 1R2000
Gladiator R2000
Green Mile, The R1999
Hanging Up 1PG-132000
House on Haunted Hill R1999
Hurricane, The 3R1999
Insider, The 3R1999
Lake Placid ½R1999
Man on the Moon R1999
Mansfield Park 3R1999
Maybe Baby 1R2001
Patriot, The 1PG-132000
Pokemon: The First Movie 2G1999
Sleepy Hollow 3R1999
Story of Us ½R1999
Thomas and the Magic Railroad 1G2000
Toy Story 2 G1999
Tumbleweeds 2PG-131999
U-571 PG-132000

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