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Personal Review Page for Edward Johnson-Ott
Reviewer Id:  Edward Johnson-Ott
Name:  Edward Johnson-Ott
Reviewer since:  July 2000
Commission*:  $32.44
Gender:  Male
* Commission includes sales thru June 30, 2003

Number of Reviews: 222

Video Reviews
Title Rating MPAA Released
101 Dalmatians 1G1996
15 Minutes ---R2001
40 Days and 40 Nights 2R2002
6th Day, The 2R2000
A.I.: Artificial Intelligence ---PG-132001
About A Boy 3PG2002
Air Force One 3R1997
Alien Resurrection 1R1997
Ali ---R2001
All The Pretty Horses ---PG-132000
Almost Famous 4R2000
America's Sweethearts 1PG-132001
American Outlaws PG-132001
Amistad R1997
Anaconda 0PG-131997
Anywhere But Here ---PG-131999
Art of War, The 1R2000
Atlantis: The Lost Empire ---PG2001
Autumn in New York ---PG-132000
Avengers, The ½PG1998
Baby Boy 3R2001
Bandits ---PG-132001
Batman & Robin ½PG-131997
Beautiful Mind, A PG-132002
Bedazzled 1PG-132000
Behind Enemy Lines PG-132001
Bent R1997
Big Momma's House ½PG-132000
Big Trouble ½PG-132002
Black Hawk Down 2R2002
Blow ---R2001
Boogie Nights 3R1997
Bowling For Columbine ---NR2002
Breaking the Waves 4R1996
Bridget Jones's Diary ---R2001
Bug's Life, A G1998
Cast Away 3PG-132000
Cats & Dogs ---PG2001
Celebrity R1998
Cell, The R2000
Changing Lanes R2002
Charlie's Angels 2PG-132000
Chasing Amy 3R1997
City of Angels PG-131998
Collateral Damage ---R2002
Con Air R1997
Conspiracy Theory 2R1997
Contender, The 2R2000
Copland R1997
Crash ½NC-171997
Crazy/Beautiful ---PG-132001
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon ---PG-132000
Dark City R1998
Death To Smoochy 1R2002
Dr. Dolittle ½PG-131998
Emperor's New Groove, The ---G2000
Enemy of the State 2R1998
Everest 3NR1998
Evolution PG-132001
Eye of the Beholder ---R2000
Fallen ---R1998
Fast and the Furious, The ---PG-132001
Fierce Creatures 2PG-131997
Fifth Element, The PG-131997
Filth and the Fury, The 3NR2000
Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within ---PG-132001
From Hell ---R2001
Full Monty, The 3R1997
Get Over It ---PG-132001
Ghosts of Mars 0R2001
Gift, The ---R2001
Glass House, The PG-132001
Gods and Generals ½PG-132003
Godzilla PG-131998
Good Will Hunting 3R1997
Gosford Park 3R2002
Go R1999
Hamlet 3PG-131996
Hannibal ---R2001
Hard Rain R1998
Hardball 2R2001
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets ---PG2002
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone 3PG2001
Heartbreakers ---PG-132001
Hearts in Atlantis ---PG-132001
Hedwig and the Angry Inch 3R2001
Hollow Man 2R2000
Hollywood Ending 1PG-132002
Holy Man 1PG1998
Home Fries PG-131998
Hope Floats 2PG-131998
Horse Whisperer, The 3PG-131998
House of Yes ---R1997
How the Grinch Stole Christmas PG2000
I Am Sam 1PG-132002
Ice Age PG2002
Ice Storm, The 3R1997
In & Out ---PG-131997
Jack Frost PG1998
Jackie Brown R1997
Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back R2001
Jeepers Creepers ---R2001
Jerry Maguire R1996
John Q. ---PG-132002
Joy Ride ---R2001
Jurassic Park III ---PG-132001
K-PAX 2PG-132001
Kiss of the Dragon R2001
Kissing Jessica Stein R2001
Knight's Tale, A ---PG-132001
L.A. Confidential ---R1997
Last Castle, The 2R2001
Last Days of Disco, The ---R1998
Legally Blonde ---PG-132001
Legend of Bagger Vance, The PG-132000
Lethal Weapon 4 R1998
Life Or Something Like It ---PG-132002
Life ½R1999
Lost Highway R1997
Lost World: Jurassic Park, The 2PG-131997
Man Who Wasn't There, The ---R2001
Mars Attacks! 3PG-131996
Meet the Parents PG-132000
Men In Black II PG-132002
Men in Black 3PG-131997
Men of Honor 2R2000
Mexican, The 3R2001
Minority Report 3PG-132002
Monkeybone 2PG-132001
Monster's Ball 3R2001
Monsters Inc. 3G2001
Mothman Prophecies, The 2PG-132002
Moulin Rouge ---PG-132001
Mr. Deeds 2PG-132002
Mulan 3G1998
Murder By Numbers ---R2002
National Lampoon's Van Wilder ½R2002
Newton Boys PG-131998
Night at the Roxbury, A ½PG-131998
No Man's Land 3R2001
Nurse Betty 3R2000
Old School 2R2003
One, The ½PG-132001
Original Sin ½R2001
Others, The ---PG-132001
O 2R2001
Palmetto ½R1998
Panic Room R2002
Patriot, The 2PG-132000
Pay it Forward 2PG-132000
Pearl Harbor ---PG-132001
People vs. Larry Flynt 3R1996
Perfect Storm, The 2PG2000
Permanent Midnight R1998
Planet of the Apes PG-132001
Playing By Heart R1999
Practical Magic ---PG-131998
Private Parts R1997
Proof of Life R2000
Psycho 1R1998
Rainmaker, The 2PG-131997
Rat Race 3PG-132001
Ravenous 1R1999
Remember the Titans PG2000
Replacements, The 1PG-132000
Resident Evil 0R2002
Riding In Cars with Boys 3PG-132001
Ringmaster 1R1998
Rock Star 2R2001
Rounders 2R1998
Royal Tenenbaums, The 2R2001
Rush Hour 2 2PG-132001
Saving Silverman ---PG-132001
Scary Movie 3R2000
Scooby-Doo 0PG2002
Score, The ---R2001
Serendipity ---PG-132001
Seven Years in Tibet ---PG-131997
Shadow of the Vampire R2001
Shaft R2000
Shallow Hal 2PG-132001
Shanghai Noon PG-132000
Showtime 1PG-132002
Shrek ---PG2001
Sidewalks of New York R2001
Signs 2PG-132002
Small Soldiers 2PG-131998
Spy Game 3R2001
Spy Kids 2: The Island Of Lost Dreams 2PG2002
Spy Kids ---PG2001
Star Trek: Nemesis ---PG-132002
Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones PG2002
Starship Trooper ½R1997
Sugar & Spice ½PG-132001
Summer Catch 2PG-132001
Sweet Home Alabama 2PG-132002
Tailor of Panama, The 3R2001
Texas Rangers ½PG-132001
Thirteen Days ---PG-132001
Thomas and the Magic Railroad 1G2000
Time Machine, The 2PG-132002
Titanic PG-131997
Tomb Raider ---PG-132001
Traffic 3R2001
Training Day R2001
Two Girls and a Guy 2R1998
U.S. Marshals 1PG-131998
Unfaithful R2002
Vanilla Sky ---R2001
Very Bad Things 2R1998
Wag the Dog 3R1997
Waiting for Guffman 3R1996
Waking Life R2001
Way of the Gun, The 1R2000
We Were Soldiers 3R2002
Wedding Singer, The PG-131998
What Dreams May Come ---PG-131998
What Lies Beneath PG-132000
Why Do Fools Fall In Love 1R1998
Windtalkers 1R2002
X-Men 3PG-132000
You've Got Mail ---PG1998

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