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Personal Review Page for David Wilcock
Reviewer Id:  David Wilcock
Name:  David Wilcock
Reviewer since:  July 2000
Commission*:  $10.81
Gender:  Male
* Commission includes sales thru June 30, 2003

Number of Reviews: 57

Video Reviews
Title Rating MPAA Released
10 Things I Hate About You 2PG-131999
Amistad 3R1997
As Good As It Gets PG-131997
Batman & Robin 2PG-131997
Big Lebowski, The R1998
Boogie Nights R1997
Breakdown 1R1997
Bug's Life, A 3G1998
Bulworth 3R1998
Con Air 1R1997
Dante's Peak ½PG-131997
Devil's Advocate, The 1R1997
Dr. Dolittle ½PG-131998
Empire Strikes Back, The PG1980
Enemy of the State 2R1998
Fierce Creatures PG-131997
Fifth Element, The 3PG-131997
Game, The 2R1997
Godzilla 1PG-131998
Good Will Hunting 4R1997
Go 3R1999
Groundhog Day 3PG1993
Halloween R1978
Holy Man PG1998
In & Out 2PG-131997
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom 2PG1984
Jackie Brown 2R1997
Last Days of Disco, The R1998
Lethal Weapon 4 R1998
Liar Liar PG1997
Lost World: Jurassic Park, The PG-131997
Mad City 2PG-131997
Mars Attacks! 3PG-131996
Mask, The 2PG-131994
Men in Black 3PG-131997
Mimic R1997
Mouse Hunt PG1997
Perfect Murder, A 1R1998
Psycho 2R1998
Pulp Fiction 4R1994
Ransom R1996
Return of the Jedi PG1983
Serial Mom ---R1994
Six Days Seven Nights PG-131998
Small Soldiers PG-131998
Sphere 1PG-131998
Star Wars 4PG1977
Starship Trooper 2R1997
Titanic PG-131997
Tomorrow Never Dies 1PG-131997
Total Recall 3R1990
True Lies 2R1994
U.S. Marshals 1PG-131998
Very Bad Things R1998
What Dreams May Come ½PG-131998
Wild Things 2R1998
Young Frankenstein 3PG1975

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