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Worlds Apart

music reviewmusic reviewmusic reviewmusic review  out of 4 Music Review: Worlds Apart

Artist: Saga
Genre: Rock, Pop
Release Date: February 2003

Review by Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
4 stars out of 4

Listening to this album certainly jogged my memory. I was in the early years of my short-lived Navy career enjoying living in California (even if it was on ship) when I purchased the Saga cassette Worlds Apart. I clearly remember watching this new video TV show called MTV with a girlfriend at her apartment across the Golden Gate Bridge in San Rafael. I really enjoyed the song by Saga called On the Loose. It had an energetic and exciting pulsating rhythm and it sounded very modern with all the synthesizers layered in between the guitars. My life was full of that kind of energy and excitement on a regular basis so I could picture myself singing that song onstage just like Michael Sadler. I was a tall drink of water so I would at least look the part anyway, even if I could not sing. Well, it was always fun to fantasize.

Worlds Apart was and still stands as some of their best, if not their best work. There is a lot of consistency throughout this recording. A classic progressive rock album gets its due thanks to the stunning reissue treatment it gets from the SPV label. Besides all the great tracks like On the Lose, Times Up, Amnesia, and No Stranger, there is a great bonus video of Wind Him Up for your viewing pleasure. It helps to put the song into proper perspective while watching the video.

With keyboards as the predominant instrument, this band had a challenge ahead of them to break a big market, particularly outside of the rock realm, the pop charts to be more specific. This music was not pop music in 1981; of course, by todays standards those elements are evident. The fact that they did become very successful lends credence to their musical formula and guts to try something different that was unique, more so than anything else you could hear up and down the radio dial. Instrumentally speaking they were very advanced and their sound most definitely fit into the progressive art rock category. Their sound was a perfect fit for then fledgling MTV network.

Albums like this never wear out their welcome. The best part about it is that you can count on reissues to have a better sound with all the extras to tickle your fancy and bring back reminders of those days gone by. CDs like this are worth their weight in gold not only for the great music, but also for the joy they rekindle in your heart. Oh, did I forget to say how much this album rocks? It sure does.

1. On the Loose 4:12
2. Time's Up 4:08
3. Wind Him Up 5:48
4. Amnesia 3:29
5. Framed 5:42
6. The Interview 3:51
7. No Regrets (Chapter 5) 4:44
8. Conversations 4:44
9. No Stranger (Chapter 8) 7:05
10. Wind Him Up [Video Track]

Saga Is:
Ian Crichton - Guitar, Vocals (bckgr)
Jim Crichton - Bass, Keyboards
Jim Gilmour - Lead Keyboards, Vocals
Steve Negus - Percussion, Drums
Michael Sadler - Lead Vocals, Keyboards



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