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Wonderful Educated Bear

music reviewmusic reviewmusic review  out of 4 Music Review: Wonderful Educated Bear

Artist: Heros Severum
Genre: Rock
Release Date: September 2002

Review by Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
3 stars out of 4

Sometimes when bands break up another one is born quickly thereafter, and often times it turns out to be the best thing that ever happened for all concerned. In this case, it worked out for the better for Jeff Cummings and Eric Friar. I feel that both men have become better and more diversified musicians since they moved on. After the fallout of their band Wunderkind Friar and Cummings formed Heros Severum. They rose up out of the ashes in Athens, Georgia to bring you a different brand of rock music. With the addition of Sheryl Branch on guitar and vocals, they have now had themselves a full-blown rock trio. Keep in mind that "Wonderful Educated Bear" was completely finished in a matter of days, and without any bass whatsoever. I cannot say that it really made a difference not having bass on this recording, they seemed to fair just fine without it.

My first impression of the group after a quick glance at the CD was that it was children's music and my kids would be in for a treat. I suppose if you look at the title and you have little ones it is easy to think that way. I was not disappointed to find out that this was rock music, as I very rarely cover that genre.

This group must have listened to a lot of Talking Heads while growing up. I noticed that their sound is very similar. The vocals and guitar reminded me of their quirky and unique sound. The vocals sound like a sing-talk rap backed by fire branded guitar licks that go back and forth while bouncing off the percussion like a bunch of fireflies in a big open field.

This album was one of the most different and entertaining alternative rock listens I have had all year. Their sound is delightfully infectious, although you may feel agitated with the repetitive phrasing; I did not feel irritated by it in the least, and I usually abhor anything that even remotely resembles rap. The music succeeded in keeping me occupied right from the starting gun to the curtain closer, there was no time for mental masturbation, and that is a good thing.

1. The Mechanix Of It
2. Grounded…Like a Prop Plane
3. Driving in a Perpetual Summer
4. Hidden in the Woods
5. (No Title)
6. Out of Round
7. Colors-Paint and Body
8. Rail Against the Contraption
9. From Foot to Foot
10. Bear in the Circus
11. A Better Man


Sheryl Branch-Guitar, vocals, piano
Jeff Cummings-Drums, percussion, backing vocals
Eric Friar-Guitar, vocals



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