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Volume 1

music reviewmusic reviewmusic review  out of 4 Music Review: Volume 1

Artist: Fear of Pop
Genre: Rock/Pop
Release Date: November 1998

Review by MusicBox
3 stars out of 4

There's something wildly amusing about Ben Folds' solo project. Perhaps it's that he takes the "penname" Fear of Pop when his band is a power pop based trio. Or maybe it's that the pre-destined piano man has abandoned his pop roots and has taken to some mutant mix of trip hop and electronica. Folds' certainly hasn't gone conventional on this album. His guests include William Shatner and his wife Frally's screaming vocals. The events these songs are based on could probably not be any more different. From paying too much for a bad movie to being stopped by the police, Folds tells his audience some interesting tales with a piano, drums, and cello (just to name a few) backing him up. One song's entire lyrics are based on a mispronunciation of his bandmate's (Robert Sledge) name and features his band's first single "Brick" as the fast paced intro. Fans of Ben Folds Five may find this album too far of a stretch of Folds' musical limits to be considered good, but it's hard not to recognize the talent that Folds has in all genres of music. His spirit never falters and his dedication to his own incredibly unique ideas is part of what makes Fear of Pop so intriguingly good.



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