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The Very Best Of Winger

  out of 4

Artist: Winger
Genre: Rock
Release Date: October 2001

Review by Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
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Kip Winger decided to start his own group in 1986 after gigging with Alice Cooper to hone his chops. Winger (vocals, bass) joined forces with guitarist Reb Beach, bassist Paul Taylor, and drummer Rod Morgenstein, formerly of The Dixie Dregs. They very quickly made it to the top of the charts with their monster metal-pop hit "Seventeen." More success was to follow after a solid million selling debut. 1990's 'In The Heart Of The Young' was equally successful selling over a million copies. After a fast rise to the top it was an equally quick drop out the spotlight for the group as the 1990's Seattle alternative rock sound took the world's youth by storm.

'The Very Best Of Winger' is a sixteen-track collection that serves as a real eye opener. It concisely highlights an abbreviated yet tremendously successful career. You have a tendency to forget groups like this because they weren't around long enough to stay at the forefront of your mind. Best of collections like this remind you of just how good groups like Winger were and how important their role was in developing and promoting a particular genre.

'On The Inside' and 'Hell To Pay' are bonus tracks recently recorded by the original lineup for this collection, they were written previously for the 'Pull' sessions. Using 'On The Inside' as the album opener was a brilliant move by Kip. It starts things off fresh and vibrant and gives everyone a taste of something new. There isn't any filler on this entire CD. Every song is overflowing with the energy and sexuality of rock and roll. My favorites were 'On The Inside', 'Seventeen', and the raucous 'Junkyard Dog (Tears On Stone).'

This music wasn't about teen angst (as the status quo may believe) it was about being young and full of life. Kip Winger gives a nice introduction in the liner notes about his feelings and the collection. He picked the songs himself to make sure all the fans got the very best. Now isn't that what makes a group successful to start with? Thinking about what the people want to hear? I think he did a great job with this collection and the sound is fantastic. You get nothing but the best from the vaults of Rhino Records; you can always count on that. Don't miss out on this great collection. Give it a spin and get your blood circulating to feel the exuberance and fire of youth again.

1. On The Inside
2. Blind Revolution Mad
3. Down Incognito
4. Spell I'm Under
5. Who's The One
6. Junkyard Dog (Tears On Stone)
7. Hell To Pay
8. Can't Get Enuff 9. Under One Condition
10. Easy Come Easy Go
11. Rainbow In The Rose
12. Miles Away
13. Seventeen
14. Madalaine
15. Hungry
16. Headed For A Heartbreak



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