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  out of 4 Music Review: Trouble

Artist: E.G. Kight
Genre: Blues
Release Date: April 2001

Review by Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
No rating supplied

Now does this girl look like trouble to you? She is looking very much like the smooth and sultry jazz crooner, but E.G. Kight is really the burnin' red-hot blues mama. She is on a mission to deliver all the fire in her soul via her music. Besides, who can judge a book by its cover?

"Trouble" is fiery blues-rock album filled with the soulful passionate vocalisms of diva with a true purpose. A totally knock-your-socks-off band that won't quit backs her, so her vocal style is a more than a welcome partner for the music.

Now let's get down to business; this CD really kicks some ass! E.G. is in marvelous form. Her spirit takes off bringing each and every song to another level.

The woman with the devil in her eyes starts things off with "Trouble With A Capital "T." And with that, E.G. makes a clear opening statement and sets the pace for the whole session. After telling everyone within earshot that she is trouble, she begins to espouse her womanhood by putting all eligible men on notice that "It Takes A Mighty Good Man" to satisfy this ball of fire. I believe her. Then a real crankin' blues-rock number called "A Woman Can Tell," with Koko Taylor, sets the record straight once and for all that she is a woman to be reckoned with. Believe it baby, she is going to be knockin' on your door with some foot stompin' blues that will take your breath away. "The Rooster Song" is definitely not about an animal, it's more about a man in a lot a trouble for having a roll in the hay with the wrong woman. She lets her unfaithful partner know in no uncertain terms how it is and what will be. There is hell to pay, and there is no worst than the scorn of a woman to endure. Yes, E.G. Kight can unravel a tale and sing the blues with power and conviction.

This album really smokes right along. None other than the "Queen Of The Blues" Koko Taylor inspires the lady to create some of the best damned blues I have heard by a woman since Bonnie Raitt was at the height of her success. Believe it people; this is one great album that is just dripping in the emotion of the blues.

1. Trouble With A Capital "T"
2. Let The Healing Begin
3. The Queen
4. It Takes A Mighty Good Man
5. Nothin' But The Blues
6. First In Line
7. My Mask
8. The Rooster Song
9. A Woman Can Tell
10. Blue Dawn
11. Your Love Looks Good On Me
12. Better Off With The Blues
13. When A Man Loves A Woman



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