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Time Crunch

  out of 4 Music Review: Time Crunch

Artist: Niacin
Genre: Rock
Release Date: September 2001

Review by Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
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Niacin has been on creative roll the past few years. With the release of "Time Crunch" the vaunted trio of Billy Sheehan (bass), John Novello (Hammond B3), Dennis Chambers (drums) come roaring back into to the prog-rock spotlight. I realize how often I make references to Booker T. & The MGs but…here I go again. It's that Hammond B3 organ that gets me every time! You know what these guys sound like? They sound Booker T. & The MGs on speed and acid.

Once again this prog-rock muscle trio makes a strong showing. Every song is drenched in soulful organ, rockin' rhythm filled bass, and go-to-war drums. They pound home their musical message with fervor and nerve. The Hammond B3 dominants their sound, and surprisingly the other two instruments aren't drowned out. This allows the music to become full bodied and steeped in rhythm & blues and progressive rock. There is no lead guitar to be found anywhere on this CD, and its not necessary, this dynamic threesome makes plenty of noise without any help from any of the other standard instruments that are normally used for this type of music. This gives further credence to their scope and talent as one of the more respected trios in progressive rock. Most notable is Jeff Beck's 'Blue Wind' from his classic jazz-rock-fusion album 'Wired.' It's done fabulously. And to think that they covered the guitar God's song without a six-string, unheard of isn't it? Well now you get to here an amazing version of the fusion classic minus the all-important instrument.

Their music speaks louder than words, and that is why none are needed. This is music with the heart and soul of a warrior. I can't wait to hear the next chapter of their musical saga.

1. Elbow Grease
2. Time Crunch
3. Stone Face
4. Red
5. Invisible King
6. Daddy Long Leg
7. Hog Funk
8. Glow
9. Damaged Goods
10. Outside Inside Out
11. Blue Wind



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