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Three Dollar Bill Y'all

music reviewmusic reviewmusic review  out of 4 Music Review: Three Dollar Bill Y'all

Artist: Limp Bizkit
Genre: Rock/Pop
Release Date: July 1997

Review by Ken
3½ stars out of 4

Utilising the same brand of Rage Against the Machine / Korn popularised rock amalgram sound that incorporates heavy metal guitars and hard hip-hop sounds, this debut from Jacksonville's Limp Bizkit sold buckets of records primarily because of their almost thrash-metal sounding cover of George Michael's 'Faith' tune. However, the album also has other floor-stomping moments like 'Pollution' and 'Counterfeit', all tailored to incite a frenzied response from headbangers and mosh-pit fanatics alike. The majority of the songs tend to revolve around lead singer Fred Durst's pain and anger at being cheated by his former girlfriend, and this makes for some interesting and even shockingly violent lyrics. Although uneven in some parts (especially the final track, which just drags on forever) this is still a strong and forceful debut.



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