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This Perfect World

music reviewmusic reviewmusic review  out of 4 Music Review: This Perfect World

Artist: Freedy Johnston
Genre: Rock/Pop, Folk
Release Date: June 1994

Review by LarryG
3 stars out of 4

With a great sense for interesting, detailed lyrics and easy, likeable music, Freedy Johnston has been one of the best singer/songwiters of the 90's. He combines an eye for realism with a feeling of still being an innocent boy from Kansas, surprised by our big city ways. Can You Fly? was a very good record and Never Home was O.K. though a little less distinctive but the songs of This Perfect World are great. Johnston's singing and lyrics are heartfelt and real.  Johnston clearly feels the pain he sings of in Across the Avenue, about not being able to get over a lost love, thinking he sees her everywhere he goes or doing things to remind himself of her. The music is well played and is often upbeat, in marked contrast to the usually sad, pained lyrics. The musically bright Evie's Tears is a vivid, poignant story of a girlfriend unable to be close because she's haunted by memories of an abusive relationship. The hardest rocking song is Two Lovers Stop which is  musically appealing even though it's about a couple who jump to their death. On Bed Reputation is a comfortable country rock song where he admits to being a liar and achingly sings, "do you want me now?" Johnston is charmingly self deprecating. On Delores he sings of a foolish Lolita-like desire for a young girl. On I Can Hear the Laughs, Johnston sings of forcing himself to smile after fate has dealt The music of This Perfect World is unassuming and strong. He mixes up midtempo and mellower songs. The arrangement are unpretentious and catchy. The focus stays where it should, on Johnston's excellent songs.



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