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Swirly Termination

music reviewmusic reviewmusic review  out of 4 Music Review: Swirly Termination

Artist: Ozric Tentacles
Genre: Rock
Release Date: June 2000

Review by Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
3 stars out of 4

There is a shroud of mystery surrounding Ozric Tentacles' "Swirly Termination" album. From the research I conducted I found that the group considered this as an incomplete recording and an obligatory release to satisfy their commitment to the label. Another oddity was that it was listed in the massive AMG database without a review. The group does not list the CD on their site either. Its too bad they aren't recognizing this fine achievement of instrumental progressive space rock. There are also no credits listed on the CD inner sleeve. I found a listing of past and present group members on the group's site, so I am assuming it was the present members that performed on this year 2000 release. Well, I hope this is the lineup that played on this album. I am sure someone will let me know if its incorrect. I had no way of finding out through the usual methods.

Regardless of the inconsistencies and incompleteness of this release in other areas besides the music itself, I found it to be a fantastic listening experience that left me wanting to hear more of the same. Ed Wynne plays key role with his authoritarian guitar playing pushing Seaweed (keyboards), John Egan (flute), Zee Geelani (bass), and RAD (drums) into instrumental warp drive. Some Middle Eastern influences are detected from time to time along with whirling dervish keyboard playing and fat power chords that make this group a difficult one to classify. They border on techno at times then jump right back to the prog sound very quickly. That's what keeps everything interesting while listening to Ozric Tentacles. I look forward to hearing more.

1. Steep (Ozric Tentacles) - 3:12
2. Space Out (Ozric Tentacles) - 8:28
3. Pyoing (Ozric Tentacles) - 4:29
4. Far Dreaming (Ozric Tentacles) - 5:24
5. Waldorfdub (Ozric Tentacles) - 6:13
6. Kick 98 (Ozric Tentacles) - 6:03
7. Voy Mandala (Ozric Tentacles) - 11:52



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