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Still Life

music review  out of 4 Music Review: Still Life

Artist: Still Life
Genre: Rock
Release Date: November 2002

Review by Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
1½ stars out of 4

The band Still Life was born due to the fragmentation of Rainbow. This LP is a good example of when a group of fine musicians are doing their utmost best yet end up sounding very similar to another band, namely Uriah Heep. They were so similar that I felt they lacked in originality, which is a shame because they were talented. I am sure there were many others like them though. On the other hand, I could be dead wrong about all of this as UH released their first album only one year prior to this so it could be pure coincidence that the two bands sound so similar. In any event, I did enjoy this LP regardless of my perceptions.

The whirling organ and driving guitar are all part of the mix, the mark of early progressive rock atmospheres. They fall short with the vocals; both the lead and harmony are off key at times and not quite smooth enough to fit the musics tempo. The musicianship made up for the inconsistencies.

The eye catching cover art is a bonus and the album comes housed in gatefold sleeves with a grainy black and white shot of the band on the inside with credits and track listings.

Side One

1. People In Black (Howell) - 8:17
2. Dont Go (Howells/Cure) - 4:37
3. October Witches (Howells) - 8:06

Side Two

1. Love Song No. 6 (Ill Never Love You Girl) (Howells) - 6:37
2. Dreams (Howells/Cure) - 7:33
3. Time (Howells/Amos) - 6:26


Martin Cure-Lead Vocals
Graham Amos-Bass
Terry Howells-Organ
Alan Howells-Drums

Historical notes from the label: The band Rainbows became Still Life due to the drummer P.Wilkinson leaving the band for Flying Machine. There were three musicians remainingAmos, Cure, Howells. They changed their name to Still Life and wrote the songs which turned into this album. However, the band did not have a drummer. They contacted Alan Savage to do the session and he had about a week to learn the material prior to recording. The self-titled album was recorded at Sound Recording Studios, near Marble Arch, London.



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